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Terrorism video  
Obama describes rationale for Afghanistan
Dec. 14: 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl joins the Morning Joe panel to discuss the interviews with the president over the weekend.

Al-Qaida's reach
For nearly two decades, al-Qaida and groups it's inspired have tried to attack U.S. and other Western targets across the world, with mixed results.
Terrorist dogma
How al-Qaida gets its message from there to here
Al-Qaida’s leader
Background on the man behind the deadliest terrorist organization in the world
Images of 9/11 and aftermath
  Sept. 11: Attack on America
See images from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
World Trade Center Attack - Aftermath
  Aftermath of Sept. 11 attacks
See images from the days and weeks following the attacks.
PLEASE NOTE: These galleries contain images that may be disturbing to some users.

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