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Hurricane facts, figures & preparation
What you need to know about hurricanes, their origins and their effects
Follow the progress of past and present hurricanes
New Orleans anew
City plans for the future
Multimedia: A look back at Katrina
Hurricane Katrina - One Year Later
Getty Images
Katrina then and now
View photographs comparing scenes during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina with recent photographs of the same locations.
The Dallas Morning News
Capturing catastrophe presents the Dallas Morning News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning photography of Hurricane Katrina, along with audio of the photographers’ descriptions of the images.
  Hurricane multimedia
Rising from Ruin follows two towns as they rebuild after Katrina. Follow their progress through on-going stories and citizen diaries.
Slide show
  Coastal changes
Click Launch to view images of how the Gulf of Mexico has been reshaped by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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