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  Hurricane Katrina slide shows archive
  One day at a time
Residents and rescue workers tackle the tough tasks of survival and recovery.
  House to house
Searchers comb flood-ravaged New Orleans looking for residents who have been unable or unwilling to evacuate.
  Emergency triage
Medical workers attend to the sick and injured in Hurricane Katrina’s wake
  Life in upheaval
Residents and rescuers carry on life and work in an environment where devastation and difficulty are now part of the norm.
  Chaotic recovery
Amid violence, floodwaters and debris, southern communities struggle to recover.
  Life and death
Life continues in the hurricane ravaged south as more are rescued, but many others found dead.
  Struggle to cope
Hurricane Katrina victims wait, wander and hope for relief.
  Hope amid the misery
Thousands are still stranded, food, water and troops arrive
  Katrina's misery
Hurricane victims from Mississippi to New Orleans try to cope amid death and despair.
  In Katrina’s wake
Images of survivors, rescue efforts and the wreckage left behind by the storm.
  Energy facilities hit
Hurricane Katrina caused widespread damage to the nation's oil production and refining capabilities.
  Massive devastation
Gulf Coast reels from Hurricane Katrina as the extent of the death and destruction becomes clearer.
  Hurricane Katrina slams Gulf Coast
Aug 29: Hurricane Katrina bears down on New Orleans, a city sitting below sea level.
  Katrina hits Florida, heads for Gulf
Aug 28: Hurricane Katrina comes ashore in Florida and threatens New Orleans.
  Pets caught in the storm
Man's best friends are also forced to weather the effects of Katrina's deadly landfall.
Katrina Close-up: Audio slide shows
Gulf Coast Begins Cleanup In Katrina's Aftermath
Getty Images
Close-up: The environment takes an exclusive look at the environmental damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

  Pummeled by Wilma
Wilma’s waves and winds hit Cuba and Florida as Mexico mops up.
  Wilma bears down
Hurricane Wilma hits Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, while Florida prepares for the storm's next move.
  Stan's Rising toll
Torrential rains from Hurricane Stan cause mudslides and flooding in Central America.
  Storm fronts: Katrina and Rita
Rebuilding from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita is a complex mix of social, economic and political pressures. Click to see how these forces are playing out in America’s recovery efforts.
  Sept. 27: Cleaning up
After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, residents of New Orleans are slowly returning to their homes to begin the long process of building back what was lost.
  Sept. 26: Double destruction
Residents have begun returning home as the Gulf Coast slowly repairs damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  Sept. 25: Picking up the pieces
As floodwaters soak Louisiana again, residents rescue loved ones and look to reclaim the land.
  Sept. 24: Rita roars onto land
Hurricane Rita comes ashore late in the night, flooding low lying areas and snaping power lines that set buildings on fire.
  Sept. 23: Rita's rising waters
New Orleans faces new flooding and some evacuees are left behind in Texas as hundreds of thousands of people flee from the hurricane.
  Sept. 22: Fleeing Rita
Evacuees face snarled traffic and gas shortages as the flee the path of Hurricane Rita.
  A weathered past
In September 1900 a hurricane hit Galveston, Texas that killed more than 6,000 people. Sixty years later category 4 Hurricane Carla came ashore and caused over $300 million in damage.
  Recent Hurricane Katrina slide shows
  Residents return
Around the Gulf Coast region residents return home to rebuild as power and other services are slowly restored.
Street sign for Flood Street sits in the mud where it fell after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
  'City will rise again'
President Bush pledges that New Orleans will be rebuilt as the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast begins to see a new life.
Hurricane Katrina holdout cleans his home in Lafitte, south of New Orleans
  Desolation and destruction
See the latest images from the path of Hurricane Katrina's destruction.