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The widespread destruction and deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina are likely to lead to retirement of that name from the list of storm names.

The final decision is up to a committee of the World Meteorological Organization.

But the National Weather Service notes that names are usually dropped if a storm is so deadly or costly that future use of the name would be inappropriate.

Sixty-two names have been retired so far, from Carol and Hazel in 1954 to Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne last year.

There are six lists of names for tropical storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. The lists rotate from year to year. If not retired, Katrina would be scheduled to reappear in the list for 2011.

Next season’s storm beginning with the letter K will be Kirk, followed by Karen, Kyle, Kate and Karl in the ensuing years.

Four is the most names retired in any year to date. In addition to 2004, that occurred in 1955 (Connie, Diane, Ione and Janet) and 1995 (Luis, Marilyn, Opal and Roxanne).

Three names were retired after 1964 (Cleo, Dora and Hilda), 1996 (Cesar, Fran and Hortense), 2001 (Allison, Iris and Michelle) and 2003 (Fabian, Isabel and Juan).

In addition to 1954, years with two names retired included 1961 (Carla and Hattie), 1974 (Carmen and Fifi), 1979 (David and Frederic), 1985 (Elena and Gloria), 1988 (Gilbert and Joan), 1990 (Diana and Klaus), 1998 (Georges and Mitch), 1999 (Floyd and Lenny) and 2002 (Isidore and Lili).

Other names retired are Audrey, 1957, Donna, 1960; Flora, 1963; Betsy, 1965; Inez, 1966; Beulah, 1967; Edna, 1968; Camille, 1969; Celia, 1970; Agnes, 1972; Eloise, 1975; Anita, 1977; Allen, 1980; Alicia, 1983; Hugo, 1989; Bob, 1991; Andrew, 1992; and Keith, 2000.

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