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Extreme footage
Sept. 1: When most people were heading out of Katrina's path, a pair of weather photographers were going in. They talked with "Today" show host Matt Lauer.

Video - Jan. 31
Bush's address holds high interest
Jan. 31: NBC's Ron Allen reports from New Orleans where residents there will be paying close attention to President Bush's State of the Union address tonight.

Video - Jan. 30
Where have Katrina donations gone?
Jan. 30: Americans donated an unprecedented $3 billion to charity after Hurricane Katrina. But where has the money gone, and why isn’t there more rebuilding? NBC's Lisa Myers examines.

Video - Jan. 27
Post-Katrina New Orleans less black
Jan. 27: A new study says a post-Katrina New Orleans could lose up to 80 percent of its black population. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

Video - Jan. 25
Louisiana bailout plan rejected
Jan. 25: Calling the plan too expensive, the White House rejects Louisiana's homeowner bailout plan, which local officials consider crucial for recovery. NBC's David Gregory reports.

Video - Jan. 24
Government forewarned of Katrina
Jan. 24: Lawmakers blasted the Bush administration for failing to heed a hurricane document prepared a year before Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast. NBC's Chip Reid reports.

Video - Jan. 23
Mississippi moves forward
Jan. 23: After Katrina, Mississippi may not be getting the national attention it wants, but as  NBC’s Martin Savidge reports, the state appears to be in a much better rebuilding position than New Orleans.

Video - Jan.19
New Orleans offers new governing plan
Jan. 19: Many blame bad city government for New Orleans’ failed levees and poor emergency response. As NBC's Martin Savidge reports, the city has unveiled a 20-step program to fix the problem.

Video - Jan.18
Town regrets rebuilding after hurricane
Jan. 18: As New Orleans moves forward with a plan to give displaced homeowners a chance to decide whether their neighborhoods stay or go, some in a North Carolina town regret their earlier decision to rebuild. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

Video - Jan.17
Nagin retreats from 'chocolate' comments
Jan. 17: Mayor Ray Nagin is backing off his comments Tuesday that a rebuilt New Orleans should be 'chocolate.' NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Jan.13
Few see Bush's positive spin on New Orleans
Jan. 13: President Bush tried to put an upbeat spin on the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, but as NBC's Martin Savage reports, the city is hardly back from the brink.

Video - Jan.11
Big Easy's rebuilding plan
Jan. 11: A New Orleans commission recommends that residents in hardest-hit areas have to prove enough people plan to come back, or else accept a buyout. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Jan. 9
New Orleans to unveil rebuilding plan
Jan. 9: The mayor of New Orleans is set to unveil a long-term strategy for rebuilding the hurricane-devastated city. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Jan. 6
New Orleans' property fight
Jan. 6: A federal judge sets a hearing date about New Orleans’ plan to tear down hurricane-damaged homes. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

Video - Jan. 5
Colleges open in New Orleans
Jan. 5: Most colleges and universities in New Orleans are gearing up to welcome back students. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

Video - Jan. 4
New Orleans college opens
Jan. 4: Students at Dillard University return to New Orleans to begin classes, but as NBC’s Ron Mott reports, Katrina has changed things quite a bite.

Video - Dec. 28
Tourists look at ravaged New Orleans
Dec. 28: Before Hurricane Katrina, people visited New Orleans to eat good food, hear music and have fun. Now, after the storm, crowds are coming to see the devastation. NBC's Ron Mott reports.

Video - Dec. 27
Red Cross fraud
Dec. 27: More indictments are possible in a case in which temporary workers at a Red Cross call center set up to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina defrauded the charity. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

Video - Dec. 22
FEMA's Katrina spending criticized
Dec. 22: The Federal Emergency Management Agency has spent $19.5 billion of the $62 billion earmarked for victims of Katrina. Critics say that’s too little, too late. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

Video - Dec. 21
Small businesses suffer after Katrina
Dec. 21: Of the thousands of Katrina-damaged small businesses that have applied for government assistance, very few have received money. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 20
Housing bias in Katrina
Dec. 20: Many African Americans who fled the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast are now facing housing discrimination. NBC's Ron Mott reports.

Video - Dec. 19
Katrina teaches lessons on race, class
Dec. 19: Hurricane Katrina taught the nation a lot about race and class. The storm left lots of poor and mostly black people homeless. Where does that leave us? NBC's Bob Faw examines.

Video - Dec. 16
Tale of two New Orleans
Dec 16: Mayor Ray Nagin is fielding complaints from angry Katrina victims while making plans for Mardi Gras. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 15
Levees inspectors scrutinized
Dec. 15: Documents obtained by NBC News suggest inspections of New Orleans levees were little more than long drives followed by expensive lunches. Correspondent Chip Reid reports.

Video - Dec. 14
Heated Katrina hearing
Dec. 14: GOP lawmakers challenged Louisiana Gov. Blanco about why New Orleans' mandatory evacuation was not ordered until the morning before Katrina hit. NBC's Chip Reid reports.

Video - Dec. 13
Levees built as designed
Dec. 13: A preliminary investigation of the failed New Orleans levee system shows that it was built as designed. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 12
Bush: 'Do not call me a racist'
Dec 12: NBC's Brian Williams asks President Bush about Hurricane Katrina, the federal response to the storm and rebuilding the devastated Gulf Coast area.

Video - Dec. 9
Katrina survivors wait for FEMA trailers
Dec. 9: Hundreds of Louisiana hurricane victims apply for FEMA trailers daily, but as NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports, less the half of the 25,000 homes promised by the government are up and running.

Video - Dec. 8
Tulane announces layoffs
Dec 8: Tulane University, devastated by Hurricane Katrina, announced massive layoffs and other steps that its president says are the only way to stay in business. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 7
Debunking New Orleans myths
Dec 7: Many African-Americans who live in New Orleans believe the destruction of the city's heavily poor, heavily black Ninth Ward was neither an accident nor an act of nature. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

Video - Dec. 6
Racism blamed for Katrina response
Dec 6: Black survivors of Hurricane Katrina say at a congressional hearing that racism contributed to the slow disaster response. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 5
Louisiana releases Katrina documents
Dec. 5: Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's office released 100,000 pages of documents that highlight the extent of the chaos after Hurricane Katrina. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Dec. 2
Katrina pets, most lost forever
Dec. 2: During Hurricane Katrina, thousands of pets were separated from their people. NBC's Martin Savidge reports that very few of them will ever be returned to their original owners.

Video - Dec. 1
Katrina victims get to return, not stay
Dec. 1: Hundreds of residents of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward came back home Thursday for the first time after Katrina. But as NBC's Martin Savidge reports, they came not to stay but to “look and leave.”

Video - Nov. 30
Town staggered after Katrina
Nov. 30: Three months after Hurricane Katrina, a Mississippi town is still a desolate tableau, with block after block of debris and obliterated homes and businesses. NBC's Mark Potter reports.

Video - Nov. 29
Tourism key to New Orleans' recovery
Nov. 29: The cost to rebuild New Orleans may run as high as $200 billion. And it will take tourism for "The Big Easy" to recover. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Nov. 28
First public school reopens
Nov. 28: Franklin Elementary became the first regular public school in New Orleans to reopen since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city Aug. 29. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Nov. 23
Free Katrina houses remain empty
Nov. 23: Fannie Mae offered 1,500 homes rent-free for Katrina evacuees for a year and a half. But FEMA has not placed a single family in the homes: Why not? NBC's Lisa Myers investigates.

Video - Nov. 22
Anger, frustration in New Orleans
Nov. 22: Three months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has no official plan to rebuild, no outline for what rebuilding will cost, and there's talk of whether the city should be rebuilt at all. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Nov. 21
Katrina families face stay-or-go question
Nov. 21: With the three-month grace period from creditors ending soon, New Orleans family's bills will be due and they must ask themselves if can they afford to stay. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports.

Video - Nov. 18
Rebuilding after Rita
Nov. 18: Hurricane-ravaged Cameron Parish, La. will look different when it is rebuilt. KPLC-TV’s Laila Morcos reports.

Video - Nov. 17
Fallout from FEMA's hotel deadline
Nov 17: As the impact of the FEMA hotel deadline sinks in with Hurricane Katrina evacuees, government officials offered no plan to move thousands of people out of hotels across America. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports.

Video - Nov. 16
Katrina evacuees get hotel deadline
Nov. 16: Thousands of Katrina evacuees living in hotels paid for by the U.S. government have been told that they will have to leave in the next two weeks. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

Video - Nov. 15
State to take over New Orleans schools
Nov. 15: NBC's Mike Taibbi reports from New Orleans where the Louisiana House and Senate voted to approve a proposal for the state to take over the city’s schools.

Video - Nov. 14
Hurricane recovery update
Nov. 14: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin holds town hall meeting. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

Video - Nov. 11
Katrina report card
Nov. 11: It’s been nearly three months since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. With the initial shock and numbness having worn off, how is the city progressing? NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

Video - Nov. 10
Katrina survivors sue FEMA
Nov. 10: Hurricane Katrina victims are suing the Federal Emergency Management Agency, claiming it should have moved faster to get them housing and other basic needs. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

Video - Nov. 8
Levees failure probe begins
Nov. 8: Louisiana prosecutors are looking into what caused the levees around New Orleans to fail when Hurricane Katrina made landfall. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

Video - Nov. 7
Wilma punctures citrus industry
Nov. 7: Wilma crossed most of Florida's citrus belt, causing millions of dollars in damage. NBC's Mark Potter reports.

Video - Nov. 6
Rebuilding in the red
Nov. 6: In Louisiana, thousands remain homeless, jobs are scarce, and levees and floodwalls needs to be redesigned. But this state with big rebuilding needs faces a nearly $1 billion deficit. NBC’s Rom Mott reports.

Video - Nov. 5
Forced out by storm, landlords
Nov. 5: Many Katrina survivors are losing their apartments because they haven't paid their rent. NBC's Ron Mott reports.

Video - Nov. 4
Louisiana devastation
Nov. 4: NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports from Plaquemines Parish, La., where damage from Hurricane Katrina was devastating.

Video - Nov. 3
South Florida slow to recover
Nov. 3: It has been more than a week since Hurricane Wilma tore through Florida and thousands of residents' lives are still upside down. NBC's Mark Potter reports.

Video - Nov. 2
Louisiana farmers in trouble
Nov. 2: NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports from Forked Island, La., where farmers have suffered millions of dollars in hurricane damage.

Video - Nov. 1
Mississippi: After the storm
Nov. 1: NBC's Martin Savidge looks at Pacagoula, Miss., as residents try to recover after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina.

Video - Oct. 28
Aid reaching Fla. hurricane victims
Oct. 28: Supplies and power are now coming to residents of Florida trying to recover from the Hurricane Wilma's devastation. NBC's Michele Kosinski reports.

Video - Oct. 27
Bush visits Florida's hurricane zone
Oct. 27: President Bush promised a robust response to Hurricane Wilma, offering reassurance to victims who are angry that supplies have been slow in coming. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

Video - Oct. 26
Anger over slow Wilma relief
Oct. 26: Many Floridians are struggling to find food, water, ice and gas on the third day of recovery from Hurricane Wilma. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

Video - Oct. 25
Wilma's impact
Oct. 25: Hurricane Wilma came and went across Florida with remarkable speed, leaving devastating damage in her wake. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Oct. 24
Wilma whips Florida
Oct. 24: Hurricane Wilma roared ashore in southwest Florida, packing winds of 125 miles per hour, toppling huge trees and knocking down traffic lights. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

Video - Oct. 20
Housing key to New Orleans revival
Oct. 20: New Orleans' mayor acknowledged what critics have asserted for weeks: that tourism can't be resuscitated without a place for workers to live. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 19
Disconnect at FEMA
Oct. 19: E-mails from inside FEMA suggest the warnings coming from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were not the organization's only priority. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

Video - Oct. 17
Euthanasia after Katrina?
Oct. 17: Louisiana officials have opened an investigation into a doctor's allegation that the staff at a New Orleans hospital talked about euthanizing patients. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 14
Katrina shelters
Oct. 14: More than 22,000 evacuees from Hurricane Katrina are still in shelters, and the federal government wants all shelters cleared out by Saturday. NBC's Jennifer London reports.

Video - Oct. 13
Nightly News
Taxpayers foot hotel bill
Oct. 13: Thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims are still living in hotels, costing taxpayers millions of dollars every day. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 12
Nightly News
New Orleans residents come home
Oct. 12: In New Orleans' Ninth Ward, residents got to see their homes, and the man videotaped getting beaten by police pleaded not guilty to public intoxication. NBC’s Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 11
Bush tours Gulf Coast
Oct. 11: President Bush says a spirit of rebuilding is taking hold on the Gulf Coast that will lead to "new cities and new hope." NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 10
Police taped punching 64-year-old man
Oct. 10: Three New Orleans police officers pleaded not guilty to battery charges and were suspended without pay over the videotaped arrest of a man accused of public intoxication. NBC’s Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 9
Police misconduct?
Oct. 9: A new videotape has emerged in New Orleans in which police appear to beat a man on the street. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 8
Blanco’s performance
Oct. 8: In the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes, NBC News has been taking a hard look at lapses by government officials at the federal, state and local levels. NBC's Lisa Myers focuses today on the performance of Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco.

Video - Oct. 7
Help wanted in Crescent City
Oct. 7: One of the biggest challenges in New Orleans is finding workers who want to live in the city and be part of the rebuilding process. NBC's Carl Quintanilla reports.

Video - Oct. 6
FEMA to reassess contracts
Oct. 6: Federal Emergency Management Agency chief David Paulison said that contracts for hurricane recovery efforts that were handed out with little or no competition will be rebid. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Oct. 5
Post-Katrina real estate hot
Oct. 5: With housing in short supply after Hurricane Katrina, the real estate market is suddenly red hot. Some fear the impact on longtime residents and on communities. NBC's Mark Potter reports.

Video - Oct. 4
Katrina-devastated town feels forgotten
Oct. 4: There is frustration in hurricane-ravaged Waveland, Miss., a town where residents believe everyone has forgotten about them and the whole coast of Mississippi. NBC's Campbell Brown reports.

Video - Oct. 3
Evacuees wait for promised homes
Oct. 3: Many hurricane evacuees continue to wait for homes they say the federal government promised them. They would like to know what's taking so long. NBC's Rehema Ellis reports.

Video - Oct. 2
Delivering homes
Oct. 1: Monday morning in Slidell, La., it's Delivery Day. NBC’s Ann Curry is already there to give us a preview of a special Today show.

Video - Oct. 1
Big Easy owes big debt to citizen lifesavers
Oct. 1: A rag-tag group of Hurricane Katrina survivors rescued tens of thousands of people in the days after the monster storm battered New Orleans. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Sept. 30
Returning residents disheartened
Sept. 30: New Orleans reopened to many residents Friday, but what they saw — mud, mildew and mold — gave them little hope of sticking around. NBC's Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Sept. 29
Officers investigated in Katrina stealing
Sept. 29: The New Orleans Police Department has launched an investigation into charges that officers took part in the city's “stealing” spree that took place after the storm. NBC’s Martin Savidge reports.

Video - Sept. 25
Damage in Beaumont
Sept. 25:'s Bob Sullivan discusses uprooted trees and other fresh destruction in the Beaumont, Texas, area.

Video - Sept. 24
Galveston hit hard
Sept. 24: Galveston was the scene of this nation's deadliest hurricane a century ago, a storm killed at least 6,000 people. Rita hit hardest elsewhere but the historic city was not spared. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

Video - Sept. 23
Beaumont braces
Sept. 23: Among those most likely to feel Rita’s wrath are the people in Beaumont, Texas. Matt Lauer reports from Beaumont, after a day on the road from Galveston and he spoke with Beaumont's mayor, Guy Goodson.

Video - Sept. 22
Rita makes 'Big Easy' queasy
Sept. 22: New Orleans is under a tropical storm warning from Hurricane Rita. And as NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports, neither the levees nor the people can take it.

Video - Sept. 18
Mixed returns in New Orleans
Sept. 18: While some residents were allowed to return to Katrina-battered New Orleans on Sunday, nearly a million more remain scattered across the country. NBC’s Mark Mullen reports.

Video - Sept. 17
Cleaning up in New Orleans
Sept. 17: Business owners in New Orleans are re-entering parts of the city to begin the long task of recovering from Hurricane Katrina's devastation. NBC's Michelle Hoffland reports.

Video - Sept. 11: Katrina recovery
Fierce political storm brewing
Sept. 11: President Bush is on his third trip to Louisiana since the storm, but NBC's Mark Mullen reports that Bush is now facing his lowest approval rating ever.

Video - Sept. 10: Hunting for bodies
First day on the job
Sept. 10: Saturday was the first full day on the job for Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen, the man tasked with heading federal hurricane relief efforts after FEMA Director Mike Brown was recalled to Washington. NBC's Mark Mullen reports.

Video - Sept. 7: Reluctant evacuees
Mandatory evacuation
Sept. 7: Most of the remaining people in New Orleans have had enough, but some are still reluctant to leave. NBC's Campbell Brown reports on the mandatory evacuation of the city.