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It's playing out like high drama, like the film adaptation of a John Grisham novel.  Beautiful lighting, a dashing leading man, the distinguished severity of the silver-haired panelists.  The only problem--there's no plot.

The Caucus Room has played host to some of the sauciest political hearings and investigations of our time, from the inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic to Watergate.  This has the look and tone of those moments, but with a careful listen you quickly figure out there's no there there.

Bloggers see this confirmation as a fete a complis and are focusing their energy on Katrina and its aftermath.

And no doubt there will be much reaction to the speeches today at the United Nations.  As the General Assembly gathers, the war in Iraq, Iran's pursuit of nuclear power, and Hurricane Katrina will no doubt be on the agenda.

Today we will bring you the latest on The Roberts Hearings, Katrina, and the President at the United Nations. 


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