updated 9/20/2005 9:43:04 AM ET 2005-09-20T13:43:04

Last night the President sounded much more like a New Deal Democrat than a neo-conservative Republican.  All of this talk of poverty and racial inequality has some people cheering and others confused.

Our buddy Captain Ed over at the blog Captain's Quarters had a thoughtful reaction to the speech--he basically says Bush is saying the right things, but it's all coming about a week too late.

A new NBC and Wall Street Journal poll indicates that the President's popularity has sunk to a new low--hovering at around 40 percent.  He's not up for reelection, so some may not see that as crucial, but we are a year out from the midterm elections.  Today we'll talk about the speech and the long-term political ramifications of the less than perfect emergency plans.

And a look at the Roberts hearings, plus a debate over activism in the Courts--Roy Moore and Mike Gravel will join us.

Many of you wrote with concerns about the dog rescue we showed you yesterday at the end of our show.  As National Guardsmen swept houses in a flooded part of town, they came across an abandoned dog who was perched on a fire escape.  Near the end of our broadcast we had live pictures of the rescue.  We'll update you on the results of that mission.

Join us today.


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