updated 9/20/2005 9:42:51 AM ET 2005-09-20T13:42:51

Tropical Storm Rita is approaching the Bahamas and will probably hit the Florida Keys later.  This is shaping up to be a brutal season, and in reality we still have over a month to go.  We'll be keeping an eye on all the latest weather developments in our show today.

And we are watching the ongoing political fallout from Hurricane Katrina.  Some are calling the proposed $200 billion spending package political pork, saying it is very un-Republican to spend so much in one area and expand the role of the federal government so widely.  Others are praising Bush for seeing a challenge and trying to make a long-term impact on an impoverished region.

One thing most people agree on--Karl Rove was an odd pick to head up the reconstruction effort.  Didn't we just fire Mike Brown because he lacked the experience necessary to handle the difficult job in the Big Easy?

Although, judging by his successful maneuvering of Plamegate, Rove may be adequately versed in disaster management.

And whatever happened to that story, anyway?  I kind of have the feeling that one day when we least expect it, some breaking news will cross our desks saying the Independent Counsel has indicted someone.  But who?

Our guests today: Statesmen Bob Livingston and Bob Graham.

Plus, the General Manager of the New Orleans Saints joins us to discuss how every game is an "away" game...for now.

Join us.


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