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Actress Taryn Manning was en route to New York to do publicity for her recent film "Hustle & Flow."
Access Hollywood
updated 9/22/2005 8:21:34 PM ET 2005-09-23T00:21:34

All eyes were affixed to the TV late Wednesday afternoon as Jet Blue flight 292 made an amazing landing after discovering some problems with its landing gear.

Following the scare, Access Hollywood spoke with the star who has onboard and the aspiring comic who shot some amazing footage inside the plane as the events were unfolding.

Just like the rest of the passengers and crew on the flight, actress Taryn Manning hoped for the best but prepared for the worst.

"I wrote little notes to my boyfriend and to my mom and brother. I was not wanting to be writing what I was writing," Taryn told us. "Everybody was putting their Ids on them. It was scary."

Taryn read us the note she wrote to her boyfriend.

"I love you so much. Always remember that. Please don't be sad. I'll always be with you," it said.

Manning, whose film credits include "A Lot Like Love," and "Cold Mountain," was on her way to New York to do press for her recent film "Hustle & Flow." She was accompanied by her publicist Jennifer Searle.

"She's my publicist but also my best friend since seventh grade," Taryn explained. "She was so strong for me. I was such a baby."

Sitting in front of the pair was aspiring comic Dave Reinitz, who captured home video from inside the plane as it circled the Los Angeles skies for three hours to burn off fuel.

His footage showed images of couples holding hands, flight attendants reassuring passengers, and Reinitz even recorded his own personal message to his girlfriend Barbara, who he had a fight with just before departing on the plane.

"I just suddenly had this vision of her watching the television knowing I was on that plane," a still emotional Reinitz told us, as he almost came to tears recounting the experience.

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And on the tape, as the plane approached the runway for its descent, you could hear the captain issuing a command to his passengers.

"We heard the pilot go, 'Brace. Brace. Brace,'" Shaun said to Dave.

"Yeah, they showed us what to do," he added.

Finally, the plane touched down and everyone inside was safe. As he walked the runway, Reinitz shot the other passengers getting off the plane and even a shot of what was left of the plane's front wheels.

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