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In an early morning announcement, the President revealed his choice to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor:  Harriet Miers, a 60-year-old Dallas native who has served as Counsel to the White House since Alberto Gonzales got the A.G. job.

On the surface it's hard for anyone tell if she has the chops to handle this position.  She has never served as a judge, although she has considerable experience as an attorney.  Conservatives seem to be approaching this cautiously, like a suspicious package on a subway car.  This could be nothing to get excited about, or it might be political TNT.

Redstate.org has a list of Miers' campaign contributions since 1988.  Turns out she's an equal opportunity giver--both Democrats and Republicans have gotten a check from her.  That has more than a few red meat conservatives anxious.

Liberals are saying that this nomination stinks of cronyism.  I will say it's ironic that, like Dick Cheney, she was appointed to find the candidate and ended up becoming that very person.  Lucky.

Today we'll dig deep into this choice--is this politics as usual?

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