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  'Til Death Do Us Part'
'Body of Evidence'
He was a preacher and a husband -- a man with two wives. When one of them disappeared, investigators were puzzled: Was it murder? And if so, where was the body?
'Murder on Hearthglow Lane'
Did a troubled marriage and a toxic divorce lead to murder in the suburbs?
'Suitcase Murder'
A nurse says her husband walked out on her. A few days later, a suitcase surfaced in a bay miles away — with a horrifying discovery inside
'A Shot in the Dark?'
What was the cause of a Nevada politician's mysterious collapse? Did politics— or her husband— have anything to do with her death?
''Til Death Do Us Part'
A wife and mother was found dead in the water. Police wondered, did a marriage go so bad, it ended in murder?
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Photos: The Santa Strangler
A look at three victims of an unknown serial killer, and the women who got closest to the killer.

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  Not your usual hitman
Get to know Linda McNeill, a woman who posed as a hitman to save a total's stranger's life.
  Con artist crimes  
Polo player’s death uncovers dark secrets
A wealthy adventurer's disappearance leads investigators to discover the dark secrets that can hide behind the face of friendship

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