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If you want to contact the writer of a story you’ve just read, try clicking on his or her name at the top of the story to get an e-mail address. (Note that not all writers are reachable by e-mail.)

To reach the editors of a particular section by e-mail, click on a section from the list below. Although the volume of e-mail prevents us from responding individually, we do read as much e-mail as possible and appreciate the suggestions, corrections and comments you offer. We are a better site because of your input.

(Please note: If you are responding to a particular story it will help us greatly if you include the URL of the story in question. All legal notices should be sent by mail to the editor-in-chief.)

Letters to the MSNBC Website
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Multimedia (audio, interactives, photo & video) Do not write to this email address with requests to purchase video you see on MSNBC TV. See below for how to contact individual shows.

You can also send us mail:

MSNBC on the Internet
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How do I get help with a technical problem?

Please go to our Help page.

How do I contact my local news affiliate?

More than 200 TV stations, newspapers and radio stations across the United States partner with to provide local news coverage.

To reach the editors from a particular affiliate, first use our Affiliates Map to select a city. Once you’re on the local headlines page for that city, click on the “Write Us” link at the bottom of the right-side navigation block.

To reach the producers, anchors and correspondents of NBC News via e-mail, click on a show from the list below.

Weekend Today
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You can also mail a letter to:

NBC News
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Transcripts for NBC News Programs are available for purchase through the BurrellesLuce Transcript Service by calling 1-800-777-TEXT.  Only selected segments of our news magazines are available on VHS cassette.

To reach the producers, anchors and correspondents of MSNBC TV, click on a show from the list below:

Imus in the Morning
Connected Coast to Coast
Countdown with Keith Olbermann
The Abrams Report
The Situation with Tucker Carlson
Rita Cosby Live & Direct
The Hot List
Scarborough Country
MSNBC Investigates
Headliners & Legends

If you want to comment about something on MSNBC TV that you saw during the day or that doesn’t pertain to a particular show, click here: MSNBC TV.
You can also mail a letter to:

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