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Last night "The West Wing" staged a live presidential debate between the two fictitious characters running for office on the show--Democratic Congressman Matthew Santos and Republican Senator Arnold Vinick.

If you watched, I'm curious to know what you thought. Personally, I think the highlight was the moderator, Forrest Sawyer, who in my mind can do no wrong.

There were some strange omissions last night, though. For instance, no questions about terrorism were asked. While I realize that this is fiction and not wholly based on our country's current political situation, the writers included such current issues as CAFTA and border control. Also, the program has explored the issue of terrorism in the past. It irked me.

In the end, I think Vinick came across sounding the most reasoned and honest. I am very curious to see how America votes.

Today we'll be joined by Lawrence O'Donnell, Executive Producer of the "The West Wing," as well as White House reporter John Gizzi.

We'll also have a live report from France as Parisians enter their second week of racially motivated violence.

And tomorrow is election day. On the whole, not too exciting as it's mostly local stuff. There were, however, a few stories worth mentioning this weekend--controversies that emerged as candidates made some last minute efforts in the final hours.

For example, it's getting ugly in New Jersey, and I'm not talking about the landfills.

As you know, Doug Forrester and Jon Corzine are in a tight race for Governor. Last week Doug Forrester's campaign launched an ad featuring a quote from Jon Corzine's ex-wife. She said that he let her family down and will let New jersey down, too.

Jersey democrats now have a blog of their own called "Blue Jersey." Bloggers there are calling this move sleazy, saying that Joanne Corzine has a right to say what she wants, but it has no place in politics.

But the blogger "Crazy Politico's Rantings" says that's hypocritical. He believes that the Democrats got Barak Obama elected in Illinois last year by smearing Republican candidate Jack Ryan. Details of his divorce including visits to sex clubs were revealed and exploited, he says. It's just politics as usual.

But how do voters respond to these kinds of political games? Well, "Super Fun Power Hour" has the results of a poll indicating that 50 percent of jersey voters dislike negative campaign ads. We'll find out tomorrow how that turns out.

And in California this weekend it was Dick Tracy versus the Terminator. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on a tour to promote some measures up for vote in tomorrow's special election, and actor Warren Beatty and his wife Annette Bening followed the governor to protest. At one event they were turned away because they lacked the wristbands required to enter. Bening argued with the guard saying that the event should be open to all citizens.

A blogger at "California Conservative" writes, "A Hollywood liberal expresses disbelief at not getting privileged access. Imagine that."

Over at "The Moderate Voice," Joe Gandelman writes that the real story is how Arnold has blown a great opportunity. He came in with a Reagan-like aura, but has been politically stupid and has undermined his image.

At Huffingpost, the headline is "Run, Warren, Run!" Some bloggers there wish Beatty would challenge Arnold in 2006.

Beatty says he has no plans to run for governor.

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