Adam Sandler: Without movies, ‘What else am I supposed to do with my life?’

It seemed that everyone was caught upin Justin Bieber fever Friday morning -- and Adam Sandler, who visited TODAY to talk about his new film with Andy Samberg, "That's My Boy," was not immune.

"My 6-year-old has a Bieber toothbrush!" he told Ann Curry. 

Sandler on Samberg: 'He felt like a son to me'

But Sandler is really best when he's channeling his own inner 6-year-old -- as he appears to do in "That's My Boy," where he plays a man who never really grew up even though he had a son (Samberg) to raise, and who is now dealing with the consequences. 

"We knew that this was a filthy movie right out of the gate, so we went straight filth and enjoyed embracing the dirtiness," he said, advising parents not to bring their young children.

With a per-film average gross of $72.4 million and having grossed over $3 billion since he first started making movies in the 1990s, Sandler could stop acting and writing tomorrow and retire wealthy, but he said he probably wouldn't be happy if he did that.

"What else am I supposed to do with my life?" he asked. "I make movies; I like making movies. When I'm not making them I kind of stare at the wall and say, 'Now what?' I hang out with my kids a lot. I hang out with the wife a lot. We have fun together, but I like to work."

So expect to see more Sandler films in the future. Meanwhile, "That's My Boy" opens June 15.

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