Anne Hathaway's purrfectly goofy reaction to meeting Batman: 'I giggled'

Becoming Catwoman for "The Dark Knight Rises" was one thing for Anne Hathaway, but meeting Batman (that is, Christian Bale) on the set for the first time, in full costume, was quite another.

As she explained to TODAY's Matt Lauer Thursday, she had a very un-Catwoman like reaction.

"That was cool.... A fantasy, indeed," she said. "I had a total fan moment the first time he spoke in the Batman voice. I just like kind of giggled, it was a little unprofessional but I couldn't help it."

But Hathaway was a pro around the set otherwise -- even if she tried to avoid looking at herself in the Catwoman costume, saying it was "a little too big and I thought that I might stress myself out if I focused too much about how it was looking." She attributes being able to do a good job to the director. "It would have been really scary if Chris Nolan had not been the one directing it.... You do this long enough, you have good moments, you have bad moments, good films, bad films, and it can make you a little gun shy about really letting go.... But if you can't trust Chris Nolan ... I don't know who you can trust."

Unfortunately, she did have to keep a closed mouth about virtually anything to do with the film's plot. She admitted that Catwoman did have "a little bit to do" with Batman returning to Gotham after a long absence at the start of the film, but refused to give Lauer any more clues beyond that.

"I can't send you a bat signal because they don't work in the daytime," she said. Meow!

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