Giants on the Loose! Puppets Tour Liverpool

As part of events marking the centenary of World War I, three giant puppets are walking the streets of Liverpool, England.

. Crowds watch as "The Little Giant Girl" walks through the streets of Liverpool, England, on July 25. The girl is one of three giant puppets from the French street theater company Royal de Luxe that is performing for "Memories of August 1914," to mark the centenary of the start of World War I. A "sleeping" grandmother puppet was on display for two days and after "waking up," she began touring the city with the girl and her dog Xolo, telling the story of life leading up to World War I. Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

. Puppeteers operate the "The Little Giant Girl." Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

. Spectators reach out to touch Xolo, "The Giant Dog." Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

. The grandmother puppet walks through the streets of Liverpool. Nigel Roddis / Reuters

. "The Little Giant Girl" rides on top of a car. Christopher Furlong / Getty Images