Mexican Navy Rescues 4 Castaways After 30 Days Adrift

Mexico's navy rescued 4 fishermen in waters south of the country, two Ecuadoreans and two Colombians, who were traveling in a motorboat and had been adrift for 30 days after running out of fuel.

In a statement released Sunday, the Navy said staff spotted the boat drifting on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean, over 160 miles off the coast of Chiapas, when conducting a surveillance night flight.

Handout photo released by the Mexican Navy showing four fishermen from Colombia and Ecuador rescued by the Navy on October 31, 2015, after they got lost at sea and run out of fuel. The fishermen, who set off in late September from a Pacific Ocean port in northwestern Ecuador, were rescued Saturday off the coast of Chiapas in southern Mexico, some 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) away, said the navy. HO / AFP - Getty Images

The castaways said they left the Port of 'Esmeraldas' (Emeralds), in Ecuador, on September 24th and were lost at sea while fishing. They became adrift on October 1st when fuel ran out as they tried to return to port, which led to them getting swept away by the current that took them to Mexican waters.

They all showed clinical symptoms of dehydration after spending 30 days at sea.

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