Christian Louboutin Expands Nude Collection for ‘All Women’

In the past, nude heels, nude bras and nude Band-aids were intended to give the illusion of bare skin — but for only one skin tone. Christian Louboutin is challenging this fashion norm with a whole collection of nude products that cater to variety of skin tones.

In the French designer's latest "Nude" collection, the women's shoes have a range of seven skin tones, from "porcelain" to "deep chocolate." The footwear line's Instagram posts promise customers, "a spectrum of nudes. Seven shades of nude ensure every woman can meet her match."

Known for it's high quality red-soled shoes, the luxury brand maintained its costly reputation, with each leather shoe amounting to over $500. Still, women applaud Louboutin for the inclusive approach it is taking to its diverse, worldwide consumer base.

The label initially launched the collection in 2013, only including heels in lighter shades of beige. It wasn't until team member made a comment about beige not being her skin color that Louboutin decided to transform Nudes from a color to a concept.

"I have clients from every continent and want to make them happy!" Louboutin said when he relaunched the collection last year.

Described as "leg-lengthening" on the company's site, the shoes are designed to make a women's leg appear longer.

The shoes are also designed mimic the feeling of skin, "constructed from soft, flexible matte nappa leather," Louboutin said in an Instagram post.

The collection offers the shoes in several styles to include ballet flats, T-strap pumps and half d'orsay pumps. The only downside is that the collection has already sold out of seven styles as of Friday evening - there are 24 styles in total, here.

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