$12,000 for engagement ring gone with the wind

A broken backpack zipper and a motorcycle ride down the Garden State Parkway have a New Jersey couple's engagement off to a bumpy start.

Matthew Camp, 32, of Cape May, N.J., lost nearly $12,000 meant to purchase an engagement ring when the cash flew out of his pack as he raced down the parkway.

Camp, a commercial fisherman, took out the money from a bank on morning of Sept. 8 to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Tabitha Bohn. Camp put the money in his backpack, before heading to work. When he arrived at Lund’s fisheries, he noticed the money was gone and his backpack had a broken zipper.

There may yet be a happy ending.

A cleanup crew on the parkway found $4,000 of the cash along the highway and returned it to Camp. The crew also described to him a new model silver truck that may have picked up some of the remaining money.

A caller reached out to Camp, offering to return $5,300 of the cash.

The couple has two children together and is raising two others from a previous relationship. Neither Camp nor Bohn were available for immediate comment.

Anyone with information can contact state police at 609-296-0503.