2 killed, 19 injured in wild Houston house party shooting

Family and friends console each other outside of a house in a suburb of Houston where two teenagers were shot and killed Saturday night, and 19 were injured. Bob Levey / AP

Two people were killed and 19 were injured during a shooting late Saturday night at a house party in a suburb of Houston, Texas police said.

On Sunday, Harris County police were searching for two malesuspects who opened around 11 p.m. inside a house where more than 100 "young adults" were gathered for a birthday party, said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

An 18-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl were killed in the chaos, and those who were injured were sent to five different area hospitals, said the sheriff's office in a statement. 

Garcia said that most victims suffered gun wounds, but the frenzied exodus also left some party-goers with sprained ankles and one with a broken leg. He said that some victims attempted to jump out of second-floor windows in attempts to escape.

None of the victims who are still hospitalized have life-threatening injuries, Garcia said on Sunday afternoon, but two are in critical condition.

An unidentified parent waits on a child at the scene of a suburban Houston shooting late Saturday night. Two people have been killed and at least 22 others hurt when gunfire rang out at a large house party, according to authorities. Houston Chronicle via AP / Anita Hassan

Harris County investigators are searching for two African American males, ages 17 and 22. 

"Potential witnesses and victims were scattered" because a flood of people fled the house and ran in different directions, Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland told NBC affiliate KPRC Houston. 

During what Garcia called a “birthday party gone wild,” one of the suspects fired a “celebratory” shot, leading the other suspect to react by firing into the crowd. Eyewitnesses reported 10 gunshots in total, he said.

While Garcia said the suspects may be affiliated with local gangs, police “have no evidence that there was any one-on-one confrontation.”

Garcia said narcotics were not involved, investigators did not find an “inordinate amount of alcohol,” and the 18-year-old birthday girl’s mother was home.

However, Garcia said the party was promoted widely over social media and as a result of the huge turnout, guests were patted down at the door. Still, the assailants could have easily entered through the backyard, he said.

“You’re saying to the social media world, I don’t know who you are but you’re invited,” said Garcia. 

According to KPRC, the victims range in age from 14 to 22 years old. The two teens who were killed were both students at Cyprus Springs High School.