Last two inmates who escaped Oklahoma jail via shower finally captured

The four inmates who escaped from the Caddo County Jail: Dylan Rey Three Irons, Prime Tounwin Brown, Anthony James Mendonca, Triston Cheadle. Caddo County Sheriff's Office

The last two inmates from an Oklahoma jailbreak were recaptured on Tuesday after more than a week on the lam, authorities said.

Police tracked down Anthony Mendonca, 24, and Triston Cheadle, 32, after getting a tip, Sheriff Gene Cain told NBC News.

Joined by two other prisoners, the pair busted out of Caddo County jail on Oct. 27 by climbing through a maintenance hatch in the shower, crawling along some plumbing lines and breaking through a cement wall.

After they were spotted in the street in their orange jumpsuits, jail officials did a headcount and discovered they had escaped.

Dylan Rey Three Irons, 21, and Prime Tounwin Brown, 23, were caught the next day, about 40 miles away, but Mendonca and Cheadle managed to stay on the loose much longer.

The men were being held on charges that included weapons possession, robbery and burglary.

Prison officials were in the process of welding the facility's unsecured hatches shut when the men made their break for freedom. Three guards were on duty, overseeing about 200 inmates at the time of the escape, Cain said.