NJ mourners on their way to funeral beat driver for honking his horn

A group of people on their way into a funeral service in New Jersey beat up a driver for honking his car's horn in front of the church in an incident a passerby captured on video this week. 

Mourners, some in suits and others in memorial T-shirts, swarmed the car Tuesday after the driver began sounding the horn in front of La Iglesia De Dios Church in Mount Holly, according to the video, which the witness — who didn't want to be identified — provided to NBC Philadelphia.

Read it on NBC Philadelphia: Captured on Video: Mourners on Their Way Into Funeral Beat Driver

In the video, one man can be seen slamming the car door and another can be seen beating the driver through the open window. A group of men pulled him away, and the driver took off.

He was long gone by the time police arrived.

The witness said police ushered everyone into the church for the funeral.

— NBC Philadelphia