The state of Silicon Valley? Venture capitalist wants to split California into six pieces

Breaking up is hard to do.

But, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Tim Draper wants to do it anyway.

Draper, early money behind such tech success stories and Skype and Baidu, has a plan he calls "Six Californias," and it's pretty self-explanatory: Divide California into six separate states. Among the new states: Silicon Valley.

As Draper says, it's about "better representation." Not to mention a chance to shake things up, and "refresh," with new ideas, better executed.

Even the mayor of Silicon Valley's biggest city is on board. Chuck Reed, mayor of San Jose, says, "It's absolutely appealing to cut ourselves off from the drag of the rest of California."

Wow. Several soundbites, and nobody has once mentioned water rights.

Draper says he realizes that he's bucking some serious odds here, but let's face it, stranger things have come to fruition here in Silicon Valley. 

And Tim Draper has been behind many of them.