Opposition Celebrates Landslide Election Victory in Venezuela

Joy erupted in Caracas after Venezuela's opposition coalition won at least 99 seats, gaining a historical majority in the 167-seat legislature.

. Venezuelan opposition Democratic Unity Movement (MUD) party members celebrate after knowing the first results of the legislative election, at the headquarters in Caracas, in the early morning on Dec. 7.

The opposition coalition has so far won 99 seats against the Socialists' current tally of 46 seats as of Monday morning.

Luis Robayo / AFP - Getty Images

. Venezuelan opposition supporters celebrate the results of the legislative election in Caracas early on Dec. 7.

Some remaining votes are still being counted but if enough are won by the opposition, it could give the coalition a two-thirds supermajority needed to strongly challenge President Nicolas Maduro's power.

Luis Robayo / AFP - Getty Images

. Venezuelans sing as they celebrate on a street in Caracas early on Dec. 7 after it was announced that the opposition coalition won the legislative election in landslide.

Miguel Gutierrez / EPA

. An opposition supporter cries tears of joy after hearing the election results early on Dec. 7. It was the first defeat of the United Socialist Party since its founder Hugo Chavez came to power in a 1998 election.

Manaure Quintero / EPA

. Opposition supporters embrace in Caracas on Dec. 7.

Nacho Doce / Reuters

. Opposition supporters celebrate their victory in Caracas on Dec. 7.

Widespread shortages, a plunging currency and high inflation have brought Venezuela’s economy to its knees.

Nacho Doce / Reuters

. Opposition leaders vowed on Monday to use their new majority to free jailed opponents of the Socialist government. Above, Lilian Tintori, center left, who’s the wife of jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, celebrates next to candidates of the MUD during a news conference in Caracas early on Dec. 7.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

. Lilian Tintori talks to the media after the victory of MUD on Dec. 7.

Christian Veron / Reuters

. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro talks to the media during a news conference at Miraflores Palace in Caracas on Dec. 7. He recognized what he called the "adverse results" and blames the defeat on the "economic war" waged by the opposition.


. Humberto Lopez, known as "El Che," reacts with other ruling party supporters as they hear that the United Socialist Party lost in the election early on Dec. 7.

Manaure Quintero / EPA

. Supporters of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro react as the official results of parliamentary elections were announced on Dec. 7.

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