Reader: Downloaders aren’t hurting rich musicians

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On "NPR intern has 11,000 songs, paid for few"

Barbara Scaff: "(Musicians) deserve to get paid, but do they deserve millions upon millions upon millions? NOPE. The rest of us schlubs have to deal with min. wage or being underpaid, why should people who SING for a living get a break from that? And please keep it real, they are still raking in money from perfume sales, magazine covers, movies, selling pics of their babies, and other ridiculous JOBS. I'm supposed to feel sorry for someone who might not have AS MUCH money as they use to but still wears shoes that cost as much as a house payment WHILE people fighting for our freedom, putting out fires, doing backbreaking labor all have to deal with $23,000 or less a year? Get real."

On "Could Alec Baldwin face criminal charges in photographer incident?"

Alison Parson: "(Paparazzi) are low-life divas that think they have the right to go as close to people as they want. Celebrities ask for you to listen to their music, see their movies, etc. Not violate their personal lives and camp out every single place they may be. GET A REAL JOB!"

On "Jon Gosselin to ex-wife: I'm sorry"

Laura E. Platte: "Though I do think it is overdue ... I also feel that sometimes people really need to hit rock bottom before they realize what they have done, and there is nothing left but to apologize for their wrongdoings."

On "Check out Emma Stone's 'Amazing' looks"

John Bales: "Cute, pretty and perky looking but I wouldn't include her in a list of the great beauties of the ages. She's part of a crop of pretty ingenues in Hollywood that have a brief time in the spotlight before fading into bit parts in movies."