Tom Hanks offers touching, humorous eulogy at Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral

If Tom Hanks wasn't already considered the most fun celebrity out there, he certainly proved he has the chops to take on any situation -- including the funeral of fellow "Green Mile" actor Michael Clarke Duncan.

Getting the right tone for a humorous, nostalgic tale of the dearly departed isn't easy, but Hanks' emotional, funny eulogy at Monday's memorial service hit all the right notes. Using a spot-on imitation of Duncan's voice, he shared a story Duncan once told about about growing up in Chicago, and wanting to join a gang. After approaching the gang and saying he wanted in, Duncan got beaten up, then was admitted to the gang -- and went home with the gang's sign (a red spot) sprayed into his Afro.

Mom did not take this well -- and after meting out some punishment of her own, sent him back to tell the gang members, "My Mama says I can't be in your gang."

Hanks had the room laughing through tears. Check out the video for yourself!

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