Michael Brown Death: Tensions Remain High in Ferguson, Missouri

FBI to Investigate Fatal Police Shooting of Ferguson Teenager 3:18

Tensions remained high on Monday in the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed teenager was shot dead by police this weekend, an incident that sparked riots and looting the night before.

Police used tear gas and fired "beanbag rounds" at a crowd in Ferguson that became unruly Monday evening outside a gas station that had been looted and burned on Sunday, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told The Associated Press. Jackson told the organization that officers responded after gunfire came from the crowd. NBC station KSDK captured video of riot police throwing tear gas and marching in a line to get people to leave the area. Police were keeping everyone out of parts of Florissant Avenue, saying it was too dangerous.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or arrests. A St. Louis city alderman posted a serious of videos on Twitter that appeared to show police officers wearing gas masks. Those videos also showed young men climbing on top of a car in the street, holding their hands up in the same manner that some witnesses claim Brown was when he was shot.

Police said Michael Brown, 18, was shot after a physical confrontation with a officer that involved a struggle for his weapon. Brown’s family disputes that, and their attorney Monday said Brown was “executed in broad daylight.”



— Jennifer Roller and Phil Helsel