The Aftermath: Village Flattened By Deadly Twin Twisters

Two deadly tornadoes a mile apart tore through a rural Nebraska village on Monday, wreaking havoc on farming communities and flattening homes.

. Two tornadoes touched down almost simultaneously a mile apart in rural Nebraska, on June 16, 2014, wreaking havoc on farming communities. At least two people died and 16 were critically injured, while nearly 75 percent of the village of Pilger was flattened. Rescuers continued to scour the debris of leveled homes early Tuesday for people trapped under the rubble.

Dustin Wilcox / TwisterChasers via Reuters

. Two tornadoes approach Pilger, Neb., on Monday.

Eric Anderson / AP

. The tornadoes swept through the town of Pilger, but officials said the 378 residents were staying strong. The bedroom community's motto has been “the little town too tough to die.”

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. Ruth Labenz is assisted to safety by a Stanton County Sheriff's officer after her home was destroyed.

Mark 'Storm' Farnik / AP

. A man talks on the phone in front of tornado-destroyed buildings in Pilger on Monday.

Lane Hickenbottom / Reuters

. Structures in Pilger are heavily damaged after tornadoes moved through the area.

Darin Epperly / The Norfolk Daily News via AP

. A man holds a girl after she was pulled from the basement of her destroyed home on Monday.

Mark 'Storm' Farnik / AP

. Jaime and Jeff Hoadley of Madison, Neb., look over the property next to Jaime's parents' home and St. John's Lutheran Church, where her father is a pastor, on Monday.

Darin Epperly / The Norfolk Daily News via AP

. The sun rises above debris Tuesday morning after two tornadoes swept through the town of Pilger.

Mark 'Storm' Farnik / via Instagram