U.S. Believes Embassy in Tripoli, Libya ‘Remains Secure’: Official

Libyan Militia Celebrate at U.S. Embassy Pool 1:53

A senior State Department official said Sunday that the U.S. Embassy in Libya's capital is believed to be secure after reports that an Islamist-allied militia group took over the compound.

"We've seen the reports and videos and are seeking additional details," said the official. "At this point, we believe the Embassy compound itself remains secure but we continue to monitor the situation on the ground, which remains very fluid."

The U.S. embassy personnel and operations in Tripoli were relocated on July 26th due to the ongoing fighting between militias occurring very close to the compound.

"We are committed to continuing to support the Libyan people, to work with the Libyan government, and to return our people to Tripoli as soon as the security situation allow," said Secretary of State John Kerry in August.

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