World's top shopping streets

Orchard Road in Singapore gets its name from the plantations that lined it throughout the 19th century. Nowadays, it's a singular shopping destination, with 22 malls and six department stores. Travelscape Images / Alamy

For the seasoned traveler, few things are as gratifying as when someone notices an object you bought during your journeys, be it from Paris, Tokyo or São Paulo. The thrill isn’t just in the nod to a jet-setting lifestyle — it’s also in the chance to reminisce about a past adventure.

Slideshow: 10 of the world’s top shopping streets

No matter which type of shopper you are, perusing a country’s wares is an essential part of traveling — not just because of what you might buy, but also because of the experience you’ll have while doing it: discovering a store, falling in love with something fantastic, interacting with a salesperson and walking out with a treasure.

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