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Clinton Campaign: 'The Tape Doesn't Lie'

A new Web video from the Clinton campaign pushes back on Trump's denials during Monday night's debate. The video tackles issues such as climate change, national debt, the war in Iraq and equal pay, in an attempt to show what Trump really said on the issues.

During Monday's debate, Clinton brought up many of Trump's previous comments. Trump denied many of the charges Clinton made.

"Sorry, Donald, the tape doesn't lie even if you do," text on the video says.

Mike Pence Honors NJ Train Crash First Responders

Gov. Mike Pence paused during a campaign rally Thursday to encourage the crowd to thank first responders involved in the Hoboken, N.J. train crash that morning.

"We remember the people, their families are in our prayers, but we never fail to be inspired by our first responders who rush in when others rush away," Pence said.

"I can attest Donald Trump will never forget the men who serve on the thin blue line."

He added if elected both he and his runningmate would provide emergency services with the resources that they need.

At least one person was killed and more than 100 injured when a speeding commuter train plowed into a platform in Hoboken, New Jersey Thursday morning.

Gary Johnson 'Still Can't Come Up With' Foreign Leader He Admires

A day after Gary Johnson struggled to name a foreign leader he admires, the Libertarian presidential candidate said Thursday he still couldn't think of one.

"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment," Johnson told MSNBC's Chris Matthews Thursday, alluding to an earlier interview where Johnson didn't initially recognize the Syrian city that has become a flashpoint in the country's brutal civil war.

Donald Trump is New Yorker's 'Miss Congeniality'

The October 10 cover of the New Yorker:

Report: Trump Company Violated Rules With Cuba Business Dealings

One of Donald Trump's companies did business in Cuba in the late 1990s despite American bans against such dealings, Newsweek reported Thursday.

Citing documents and interviews with former Trump executives, Newsweek reported that the company spent at least $68,000 on a trip to the country, funneled through an American consulting firm, in 1998. At the time, corporations were prohibited from spending in the Fidel Castro-led country without a greenlight from the U.S. government.

More, from the story by Kurt Eichenwald:

At the time, Americans traveling to Cuba had to receive specific U.S. government permission, which was only granted for an extremely limited number of purposes, such as humanitarian efforts. Neither an American nor a company based in the United States could spend any cash in Cuba; instead a foreign charity or similar sponsoring entity needed to pay all expenses, including travel. Without obtaining a license from the federal Office of Foreign Asset Control before the consultants went to Cuba, the undertaking by Trump Hotels would have been in violation of federal law, trade experts say.

NBC News has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

It's worth noting that Trump's company was far from the only one flouting the travel ban to Cuba in the late '90s. At the time, the Clinton administration had cut off funding to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, which was responsible for investigating apparent embargo violations.

Gary Johnson Has 'Aleppo Moment,' Struggles to Name a Single Foreign Leader

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson struggled to name a single foreign leader when asked who his favorite diplomat was during an MSNBC town hall Wednesday night.

"Any one of the continents, any country. Name one foreign leader that your respect and look up to. Anybody," host Chris Matthews pushed during the event, causing Johnson to sigh loudly as his VP pick Bill Weld tried to jump in.

"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment," Johnson finally said, referring to his recent gaffe on "Morning Joe" when he asked "What is Aleppo?" after he was questioned about how he would handle the conflict in the Syrian city.

With an assist from Weld, Johnson finally landed on Vicente Fox, who served as Mexico's president from 2000 to 2006: "He was terrific."

Mike Pence Ignores Trump's Damaging Debate, Says 'Follow' Clintons' Money

LEETONIA, Ohio — In his first public appearance since Monday night's debate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence moved past GOP nominee Donald Trump's poor performance and onto the Trump campaign's newest line of attack on Democrat Hillary Clinton: "Follow the money."

"The money flowing into speaking fees and the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation all at the same time that she was Secretary of State," Pence said. "For all the world, it looks like the kind of pay to play politics that the American people are sick and tired of.

It was an echo of comments Trump made at a campaign rally in Iowa earlier Wednesday, where he also said the Clintons had "perfected the politics of personal profit." Taken together, they marked an organized effort to pivot past a damaging debate performance and get back on the attack.

Pence's only appraisal of the debate — after praising Trump and declaring he "took command of the stage" in a television interview Tuesday — came when he touted his favorite line from the night: When Trump said that Clinton's "all talk, no action, sounds good, never gonna happen."

"That's the thing about Donald Trump — he speaks straight from the heart," Pence added.

Andrew Rafferty

Trump Seems to Take Swipe At Clinton's Health

Donald Trump on Wednesday seemed to take a direct swipe at Hillary Clinton's health scare earlier this month.

"You see all the days off that Hillary takes? Day off, day off, day off. All those day offs and then she can't even make it to her car," Trump said during a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Though he offered no more specifics, Trump's comments seemed to be a reference to her abrupt departure from a Sept. 11 memorial event earlier this month. Video caught Clinton appearing unsteady while trying to enter a van.

Her campaign later revealed Clinton had pneumonia.

Trump originally avoided talking about Clinton's health issues in the days following the diagnosis.

"Ever see her chart? She won't be campaigning today. She won't be campaigning today. She is day in, day out and I'm campaigning, I'm saying what's going on," Trump added.

Poll: Majority of Voters Say Clinton Won First Debate

A majority of likely voters (52 percent) who either watched the debate or said they followed debate coverage in the news said Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate on Monday night, according to the NBC News|SurveyMonkeyDebate Reaction Poll. Just 21 percent of likely voters thought Donald Trump won the debate, and 26 percent said neither candidate won the debate.

Clinton, Sanders Team Up in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders joined Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Wednesday to tout their plan to provide debt-free college and excite young voters to turn out for the Democratic nominee.

Sanders defeated Clinton in the Democratic primary in the Granite State earlier this year.

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Newsweek: Trump company violated Cuba embargo


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