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Next Up: Indiana, Where Trump Leads Cruz

Trump holds a 15-point lead over Cruz in the potentially decisive May 3 presidential primary race in Indiana, according to results from a new NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll. More on those #s here.

White House Correspondents' Dinner

Lovingly referred to as "Nerd Prom," the White House Correspondents' Dinner is upon us! You can catch the best zingers from host Larry Wilmore and POTUS, and see our favorite politics nerds decked out in finery via the MSNBC Twitter and Snapchat accounts. As usual, we got you covered.

Pete Wilson to Endorse Cruz

Former California Gov. Pete Wilson will endorse Ted Cruz during the state's GOP convention momentarily. MSNBC's Amanda Sakuma explains in this article why Wilson is credited with turning California from red to blue.

Countdown to Nerd Prom!

We're probably more excited than the average person about the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight, but come on! It'll (probably) be hilarious. Now this: Joe Biden will be attending the annual do for the first time, according to ABC News. Can't wait to hear Amtrak Joe's punchlines — or those leveled at him. Check out this slideshow of some of our favorite WHCD moments and relive the glory.

Let's Play the Running-Mate Game

What's Trump looking for in a running mate? MSNBC's expert panel thinks Newt Gingrich embodies some of the values he'd be looking for in a VP — or at least he could play a role like chief of staff in a Trump administration. "He'd have all the charm of ... Doug Stamper," says radio host Heidi Harris. Who do you think he'll pick?

Trump Calls Protesters 'Thugs'

After protesters broke through a barricade and confronted police officers at a rally in California Friday evening, the GOP front-runner entered the venue through a back door, which he compared to "crossing the border." On Saturday morning, he characteristically took to Twitter to reiterate his displeasure with the demonstrators.

Trump Shows How he Could Doom the GOP

Republicans have already given up on California's crucial haul of 55 electoral votes in nearly all foreseeable presidential elections, thanks almost entirely to anti-immigrant policies. Could Trump's candidacy inspire the same backlash that led to the GOP's demise in California in the 1990s? Read more here.

Chris Carlson / AP

Indiana Gov. Will Vote Cruz

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz's 2016 campaign while speaking with WIBC radio in Indianapolis on Friday. More on what he said here.

The Time Clinton Face Swapped Trump

As Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton pivots toward the general election, her social media team is having some fun at Donald Trump's expense.

Is Susan Sarandon Hurting Sanders?

Celebrity surrogates have frequently been driving the 2016 news cycle — and in some cases, forcing their preferred candidates off message. Are these kinds of endorsements really worth it? More on that here.

Christie Comments on His Wife's (Non) Eye Roll

The NJ governor said what everyone reported they saw was wrong: His wife, Mary Pat, did not roll her eyes at Donald Trump when the GOP front-runner made his "women's card" remark.

Indianapolis Star: Kasich the 'Best Choice'

The Indianapolis Star newspaper looked beyond the deal John Kasich's campaign made with Ted Cruz and said the Ohio governor was the "best choice" in Indiana's GOP primary, even though the paper called Kasich "flawed" and would rather have had candidates like former Gov. Mitch Daniels. The paper declined to formally endorse any candidate.

Cruz Fundraises Over 'Lucifer' Insult

It didn't take long for Ted Cruz to begin fundraising off of former House Speaker John Boehner's "Lucifer" jab.

"Coming from the godfather of the Washington Cartel, that is a ringing endorsement!" Cruz says in the fundraising pitch.

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Cruz Has 5 Days to Stop Trump

If Cruz and the "Stop Trump" movement don't win in Indiana on May 3, they're done. It's that simple. After Trump ran the table in Tuesday's primaries, including getting at least 35 of the 54 Pennsylvania unbound delegates, a win in Indiana - even by a single point - would put him on a glide path to 1,237 delegates. More on that here.

Leigh Ann Caldwell

More of Pennsylvania's Free Agents Back Trump

Of Pennsylvania's 54 unbound and unpredictable delegates, 37 will now back Trump on the first ballot at the convention, NBC News has confirmed. A huge feat for the front runner. Read more here.

Caitlyn Jenner Takes Trump Up on His Offer

Reality TV star and transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner made a bold political statement on Thursday by using the bathroom at Trump Tower in New York City. Here's the video she posted on Facebook.

More Love for Trump Today

As NBC News' Luke Russert reports, Trump is getting two new endorsements today. On the DL, Russert says it wouldn't shock him if you saw new endorsements from GOP lawmakers from Pennsylvania in the near future. Is a Thing Now

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Donald Trump has double-digit lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana poll


Tuesday's GOP primary in Indiana could be decisive, and a new poll shows Donald Trump with a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz. However, the gap between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side looks much closer. NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander reports.

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