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Clinton-Kaine on the Road in the Rust Belt

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell Reports:

NFL: No Letter Sent to Trump

GOP nominee Donald Trump is hinting that two of the presidential debates scheduled for this fall have been set up on purpose to conflict with prime-time NFL games. In a Tweet Friday night, Trump said: "As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games."

And in an interview with ABC's "This Week," Trump went on to say, "I'll tell you what I don't like. It's against two NFL games. I got a letter from the NFL saying, 'This is ridiculous.'"

In a statement Saturday, the NFL said it had sent no such letter: "While we would obviously wish the Debate Commission could find another night, we did not send a letter to Mr Trump."

The NFL will play prime-time games on two of the debate nights -- September 26 and October 9. The presidential debate schedule and locations were announced last September.

Pence Has First Protestors

A Tale of Two Speeches

While Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in action, spoke at the DNC, Donald Trump talked about waterboarding at Iowa event. Watch the side-by-side video:

Jill Stein Makes Pitch for Green Party

Trump: Clinton's Speech an 'Insulting Collection of Clichés'

Donald Trump has officially weighed in on Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. It appears he didn't like it. The GOP nominee posted the following on Facebook on Friday morning:

Hillary Clinton's speech was an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric. She spent the evening talking down to the American people she's looked down on her whole life.

Hillary Clinton talks about unity, about E Pluribus Unum, but her globalist agenda denies American citizens the protections to which they are all entitled - tearing us apart. Her radical amnesty plan will take jobs, resources and benefits from the most vulnerable citizens of the United States and give them to the citizens of other countries. Her refusal to even say the words 'Radical Islam', or to mention her disaster in Libya, or her corrupt email scheme, all show how little she cares about the safety of the American people.

It's a speech delivered from a fantasy universe, not the reality we live in today.

Hillary Clinton says America is stronger together. But in Hillary Clinton's America, millions of people are left out in the cold. She only stands together with the donors and special interests who've bankrolled her entire life. Excluded from Hillary Clinton's America are the suffering people living in our inner cities, or the victims of open borders and drug cartels, or the people who've lost their jobs because of the Clintons' trade deals, or any hardworking person who doesn't have enough money to get a seat at Hillary Clinton's table.

Daniel Arkin

Trump Seems to Distance Himself from the RNC

Donald Trump, who once promised a "monumentally magnificent" and "brilliantly staged" Republican convention, now says he wasn't really involved with producing the event.

"I didn't produce our show," Trump told the New York Times' Jim Rutenberg when asked about how it differed from the Democratic convention. "I just showed up for the final speech on Thursday."

The GOP nominee says he's happy with how things turned out, even if he wasn't the master planner.

"I thought our stage in Cleveland was much more beautiful," Trump said at a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Thursday night. "I also liked my children better than their stars." (Trump's kids — Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany — all spoke during primetime.)

Trump told the Washington Post in April that he would inject some "showbiz" into the GOP convention, but his campaign managed to attract only a few celebrities to appear at the event.

Breaking Down the Clinton Speech

Clinton to Sanders Supporters: 'I've Heard You'

Hillary Clinton began her presidential acceptance speech by thanking her family, President Obama and her former rival.

"I want to thank Bernie Sanders," Clinton said. "Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.

You've put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong.

And to all of your supporters here and around the country: I want you to know, I've heard you."

A number of Sanders supporters still unhappy with what they perceive as an unfair Democratic primary wore neon yellow shirts in the audience.

Sanders, however, endorsed Clinton earlier this month and delivered a speech on her behalf at the DNC on Monday.

Convention Home Stretch -- A 5-Coffee Kind of Day

After nearly two full weeks of nonstop action in Cleveland and Philadelphia, the political world is pushing through one final day -- with a little extra coffee:

Washington Post Reporter Says He Was Patted Down, Barred From Pence Event

A Washington Post reporter said he was patted down and prohibited from entering a Mike Pence event Wednesday night in Wisconsin.

"First, press credentials for The Washington Post were revoked by Donald Trump," Washington Post editor Marty Baron said, according to the paper. "Now, law enforcement officers, in collusion with private security officials, subjected a reporter to bullying treatment that no ordinary citizen has to endure. All of this took place in a public facility no less. The harassment of an independent press isn't coming to an end. It's getting worse."

"Our events are open to everyone, and we are looking into the alleged incident," Pence press secretary Marc Lotter said in a statement to the Post.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton at the 1992 Convention

Watch NBC News' Tom Brokaw describe Hillary Clinton's arrival at the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York where Bill Clinton accepted the party's presidential nomination:

Erik Ortiz

Trump: I Was Being 'Sarcastic' About Russian Hacking

Donald Trump's controversial call for Russian hackers to spy on Hillary Clinton's emails and make them public was meant to be sarcasm, the Republican presidential nominee said Thursday.

In an interview on FOX News, Trump downplayed the latest firestorm and took issue with how Clinton's campaign manager suggested that he wants a "foreign power to commit espionage" in the U.S.

"You have to be kidding me. His client ... deleted 33,000 emails illegally, you look at that, and when I'm being sarcastic with something," Trump said.

"Were you being sarcastic?" FOX's Brian Kilmeade interrupted.

"Of course I'm being sarcastic," Trump said, adding that his concern was what was said on the 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee that were stolen and leaked publicly. U.S. officials and cyber security experts have suggested state-sponsored Russian hackers are behind the move.

"You take a look at what was said on those emails, it's disgraceful," Trump said. "They talk about religion, they talk about race, they talk about all sorts of things, including women — and what they said on those emails was a disgrace."

Clinton's camp claims the emails were released to sway favor for Trump, who has heaped praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his leadership style over President Barack Obama's.

Trump said he thinks it would "be a good thing and not a bad thing" if the U.S. could get along with Russia. And, he added, Obama is to blame for Russia exerting its influence, including with Russian warships interfering with U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean.

"You know why? You know why they do that?" Trump asked. "Because they have no respect for our leader."

Did President Obama Win Over Republicans?

His speech was praised across the political spectrum, but did it convince any Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton?

6 Takeaways From Democrats' Marquee Night

Wednesday night featured what had to be among the densest concentrations of marquee names on a single night of a party confab — including the sitting president, his second-in-command, and the debut of the party's new vice presidential nominee.

But the night, like the entire convention thus far, could not be condensed into a single coherent theme beyond, "Let's elect a sane, competent person," as unlikely surrogate Michael Bloomberg ad-libbed. Here are six big takeaways from the night:

Leigh Ann Caldwell

Obama Said the RNC Did Not Represent 'The America I know'

President Barack Obama challenged the ideas and tone of last week's Republican Party's nominating convention, calling it "a deeply pessimistic vision."

"But what we heard in Cleveland last week wasn't particularly Republican - and it sure wasn't conservative. What we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other, and turn away from the rest of the world. There were no serious solutions to pressing problems - just the fanning of resentment, and blame, and anger, and hate," Obama said. "And that is not the America I know."
"The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous," he added.

Former Defense Secretary: Trump 'Took Russia's Side'

Leon Panetta, former CIA director and defense secretary, made a national security argument for Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

I have worked alongside nine presidents, Republican and Democrat, all experienced, all believing in the U.S. role in world leadership. I can tell you this -- in this election, there is only one candidate for president who has the experience, temperament and judgment to be commander-in-chief, and that's Hillary Clinton.

Panetta said Clinton would have the trust of America's military and diplomatic corps, adding that U.S. troops "know she will always have their back."

"This is no time to gamble with our future," Panetta said.

Panetta also weighed in on Trump's call for Russian hackers to infiltrate U.S. servers to uncover missing Hillary Clinton emails, saying, "Today, Donald Trump took Russia's side."

"As someone who was responsible for protecting our nation from cyberattacks, it is inconceivable to me that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible," he said.

Trump's Love-Hate Relationship with Hackers

In light of Donald Trump's supposed encouragement of hackers to look for deleted emails on Hillary Clinton's private server, MSNBC's Cal Perry dug up these tweets from Donald Trump over the past few years.

Trump Claims Putin 'Mentioned the N-Word'

Donald Trump on Wednesday told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin "mentioned the N-word" at least once -- even though Trump claims to have never met Putin.

"Putin has said things over the last year that are really bad things. He mentioned the n-word one time," Trump said from his resort in Doral, Florida.

"I was shocked to hear him mention the n-word. You know what the n-word is, right?" Trump continued. "He has a total lack of respect for President Obama."

Putin doesn't like Obama, Trump told reporters.

"I think he's going to respect your president if I'm elected, and I hope he likes me," Trump said.

Earlier in the news conference, Trump claimed he had never met the Russian leader.

Trump: 'I Hope' Russia Finds Missing Clinton Emails

Donald Trump on Wednesday asked Russia to help find the missing emails from Hillary Clinton's private server.

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing," Trump proposed from a podium at his Doral Resort. "I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

Trump faced questions about whether he endorses foreign governments meddling in America's election and domestic affairs, an allegation that he balked at despite issuing the above challenge just moments later. "What do I have to do with Putin?" Trump retorted when asked if he'd tell Putin to stay out of the election. "I'm not going to tell Putin what to do."

Trump called the idea that Russia was behind the hack and leak of Democratic National Committee emails a "total deflection" he did say he "hopes" the Russians have Clinton's emails if they are found responsible.

The GOP nominee, who has often reminded of Russian President's Putin's favorable comments about him, told reporters in a press conference at Trump's Doral Club that he'd treat Russia "firmly" as president but that he'd rather have them "friendly" as opposed to the way they are currently.

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FBI continues investigation of Dem hack


Cyber security expert, Abraham Wagner, weighs in on the FBI investigation that Russia hacked into the DNC emails to attack against Hillary Clinton.

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