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Huge Split Between Older, Younger Blacks in Democratic Primary

African-Americans have been sharply divided along age lines during the Democratic primary, with black voters under 30 narrowly favoring Sen. Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, while older blacks overwhelmingly back the former secretary of state. Read more here.

Elizabeth Chuck

Donald Trump: Judge in Trump University Lawsuit Is 'a Hater'

Donald Trump railed against the judge in the legal battle over Trump University, telling a large crowd Friday in San Diego, "There should be no trial." In February, Trump told NBC's "Meet the Press" that U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel is biased against him because of his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more here.

Leigh Ann Caldwell

Libertarian Convention Could Shake Things Up

The Libertarian Party's nominating convention started Friday in Orlando, Florida, where they will pick their candidates for president and vice president just as they have every four years for the past 45 years. But this year is different.

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6 Numbers That Show Why Clinton Is Still the Favorite

The 2016 general election race is now a virtual tie. But a deep analysis of data from the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Hillary Clinton is still currently the more likely of the two candidates to emerge as the winner when the voting's all over on November 8. Read more here.

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Palin Makes Surprise Showing at Trump Rally

Donald Trump supporters in San Diego got a surprise on Friday when former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin warmed up the crowd at a rally.

Palin said the GOP establishment needs to "suck it up, cupcake" now that Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee and ripped President Obama "showing up in Hiroshima instead of Pearl Harbor."

Earlier on Friday, Obama visited Hiroshima, Japan, where he called for an end to nuclear proliferation. The president visited Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 2011.

Carrie Dann

After plenty of speculation about a potential Trump-Sanders debate, Trump finally poured cold water on the idea Friday afternoon.

"Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher," he said in a statement.

Sanders: This Campaign Is About Stopping 'Trumps of the World' 0:38

Read more here.

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Sanders 'Prepared to Accept' Debate Proposal

Bernie Sanders' campaign manager says the Vermont senator is "prepared to accept" an offer from a broadcast network to participate in a debate with Donald Trump.

"Our campaign and the Trump campaign have received two offers by broadcast television networks to host the Sanders-Trump debate that we suggested. Both offers include a major contribution to charity," campaign chief Jeff Weaver said in a statement. Weaver urged Trump's campaign to work out the details of the offer "as soon as possible" before the June 7 primary.

Trump said Thursday that he'd be willing to debate "if we can raise $10 million or $15 million for charity," but it's unclear if his campaign will ultimately agree to a debate.

Chuck Todd Is Answering Your Questions!

Ask him literally anything (about the state of the 2016 race).

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Sanders Says Clinton Has 'Just a Tinge of Arrogance'

Bernie Sanders on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night said that Hillary Clinton has a "tinge of arrogance" for saying she will be the Democratic presumptive nominee.

Kimmel played a clip of a recent Clinton interview in which she said, "I will be the nominee ... there is no way I won't be."

Asked if that makes Sanders mad, the Vermont senator responded, "just a tinge of arrogance there, I think."

"I kind of think on June 7, the people of California will have a message for Secretary Clinton," Sanders added.

Something's Up Between Trump and Rubio

After brutal name calling and low blows, it appears Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have called a truce, of sorts.

Rubio recently came to Trump's defense on Twitter, saying the protesters at Trump's rallies are "professional" and not violent, as he claims the media puts it. And now, Trump, who once said Rubio couldn't get elected "dogcatcher" in Florida, is urging the former presidential candidate to run for reelection there.

Rubio on CNN Thursday afternoon said he wants "to be helpful" to the GOP presumptive nominee, and will release his delegates to vote for Trump. Rubio also said he would be willing to speak on Trump's behalf, adding that his political aspirations aren't over, calling it a "safe assumption" that he'll run for office -- the presidency or something else -- again.

Rubio Respects Trump's Standing as Presumptive Nominee 0:35

Donald Trump: Clean-Energy Turbines Kill Eagles

In a rare prepared speech, Donald Trump outlined his energy policy in Bismarck, North Dakota, on Thursday. Trump called for reducing restrictions on energy exploration, opening up more federal lands to drilling and reducing dependence on foreign oil. He also railed against the "totalitarian tactics" of the Environmental Protection Agency.

How Trump Celebrated 1,237

Speaking of magic, Trump, a master of social media, offered a peek into how he celebrated winning enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Burger, fries, and a diet soda: It's the American way. Or perhaps he's just trying to send a message to former New York City Mayor Michael "Nanny State" Bloomberg? You be the judge.

But wait! Turns out Trump shared some strident thoughts on diet Coke in 2012.

Maybe the campaign trail is taking a toll and he feels the need to bulk up?

Clinton on Trump Clinching GOP Nomination

How does Clinton feel about Trump reaching the "magic number" needed to secure the GOP nomination? "This is now as real as it gets," she told Chuck Todd on "MTP Daily" Thursday. Clinton added an attack she's used in the past, calling her Republican rival "an unqualified loose canon."

Clinton also addressed issues of the day, including Obama saying that world leaders are "rattled" at the prospect of a Trump presidency, as well as the possibility that he could face off with Bernie Sanders in a debate. She seemed to dismiss the hypothetical debate as a joke, before adding that she's "looking forward to debating Trump."

The comment dovetails with her pivot to the general election — but that's not to say her days fending off Sanders are quite over yet. Clinton insisted to Todd that she's focused on unifying the Democratic Party, "like I did with Obama in 2008."

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Trump Willing to Debate Sanders -- With Conditions

Donald Trump says he will debate Bernie Sanders if Sanders is able to raise $10 million dollars, preferably for a women's charity.

Trump told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday that he would be willing to debate the senator, and Sanders said he'd be up for it.

Trump on Muslim Ban: 'We'll See What Happens'

Donald Trump is not ready to walk away from his proposed Muslim ban yet.

Trump Calls Clinton Email Server 'Probably Illegal'

Trump OK With 'Rattling' People

Donald Trump seemed pleased that President Obama said earlier Thursday that the presumptive GOP nominee had "rattled" world leaders with his rhetoric.

"Many of the countries in our world -- our beautiful world -- have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us," Trump said," adding it's a "good thing, not a bad thing" that he has rattled foreign leaders.

Trump: North Dakota 'Made a Big Statement'

Shortly after clinching the Republican nomination, Donald Trump thanked the delegates in North Dakota who helped him reach the milestone.

"North Dakota made a big statement. We will not forget it," Trump said.

Watch live: Trump Holds Press Conference

Donald Trump is expected to address reporters soon in North Dakota, shortly after he clinched the number of delegates to become the GOP's presidential nominee.

Watch Trump's remarks live here.

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