The World at Night’ Reveals Beauties of Earth and Sky

Feast your eyes on the winners of the 2014 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, presented by The World at Night.

. "The World at Night" pays tribute to the world's best combinations of landscapes and skyscapes in its International Earth and Sky Photo Contest. More than 1,000 entries were received for the 2014 competition, and judges selected the top entries in two categories. "Over the Top" by Luc Perrot shows the central bulge of the Milky Way rising over a volcano on Reunion Island. It's the first-place winner in the "Beauty of the Night Sky" category.

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Luc Perrot / TWAN 2014

. The Big Dipper is framed by rays of light in the skies above Cibiana Pass in northern Italy's Dolomite Alps. Giorgia Hofer's photo, titled "Light in the Sky," won first place in the "Against the Lights" category and was judged the top image in the 2014 Earth and Sky Photo Contest.

Giorgia Hofer / TWAN 2014

. The zodiacal light shines in this view of the evening sky, looking west from northern Oregon's Hug Point over the Pacific Ocean. "False Dusk and Falls at Oregon Coast," by Ben Coffman, won second place in the "Beauty of the Night Sky" category.

Ben Coffman / TWAN 2014

. On a moonlit night, the northern lights shimmer over the fishing village of Reine in Norway's Lofoten Islands. "Reflected Aurora," by Alex Conu, won second place in the "Against the Lights" category.

Alex Conu / TWAN 2014

. The northern lights provide a backdrop for Iceland's Kirkjufellsfoss ("Church Mountain Falls"). "Kirkjufell Nights," by Nicholas Roemmelt, is the third-place winner in the "Beauty of the Night" category.

Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt / TWAN 2014

. The starry winter sky over Maranjab Salt Lake, near Kashan in Iran, blends into the glow of three cities on the horizon. "Unlimited Sky," by Majid Ghohroodi, won third place in the "Against the Lights" category.

Majid Ghohroodi / TWAN 2014

. Stargazers look up from the Egyptian desert near Fayoum, about 60 miles south of Cairo, in a photo titled "Little Explorer." Ibrahim Elawadi's photo won fourth place in the "Beauty of the Night Sky" category.

Ibrahim Elawadi / TWAN 2014

. The city lights of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, look hazy in the fog - but the stars of the Milky Way twinkle brightly in Mark Gee's prize-winning photo, titled "Fog Below and the Stars Above." It's the fourth-place winner in the "Against the Lights" category.

Mark Gee / TWAN 2014

. Southern stars swirl in a long-exposure image of the sky over the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, Australia. The green airglow and yellow Milky Way shine above rare and brilliant bioluminescence from planktons in the waves. Phil Hart's photo, "Bioluminescence and Star Trails," is the fifth-place winner in the "Beauty of the Night Sky" category.

Phil Hart / TWAN 2014

. A long-exposure photo sequence captures star trails stretching over the sacred Taishan, or Mount Tai, in China's Shandong province. The ribbon of white-blue light below comes from the flashlights carried by thousands of people who were climbing the mountain trail to see the sunrise from the peak. "Heavenly Street," by Song Hongxiao, won fifth place in the "Against the Lights" category.

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Song Hongxiao / TWAN 2014