Fighting for women’s rights in Pakistan

Mukhtar Mai, a young woman from a remote village in Meerwala, was gang raped in 2002. In an unheard of act in her region, she prosecuted and fought back against her rapists. Meet some of the women she inspired and learn more about Ann Curry's reporting on women's issues in Pakistan.

A woman in labor rushed to the emergency room in Pakistan, where 30,000 women die ever year in childbirth, in part because they do not have a right to seek medical care without permission from their husband's families. NBC's Ann Curry looks at the issue of women's rights in Pakistan in a series of reports airing on Nightly News, TODAY and Dateline NBC. Ann Curry
A 19-year-old photographed after losing her first child because her in-laws did not give her permission to go to the hospital. She was in labor for five days. Ann Curry
Women are also not protected against domestic violence or revenge acid attacks. These women are in a shelter, run by Mukhtar Mai, a woman who stood up and prosecuted her rapists, an act unheard of in Pakistan. Ann Curry
This young woman, pictured with her mother, says she was kidnapped and raped. She says when she went to police, they raped her too. She is now at a shelter and vows to help other woman change Pakistan. Ann Curry
She tells her story to New York Times columnist Nick Kristof. Stories such as these are one of many he has reported on, which has raised funds for Mukhtar Mai's women's shelter in Meerwala, Pakistan.

Read more of Kristof's reporting on Mai and to hear an excerpt of his and Sheryl Wudunn's book, "Half the Sky." Ann Curry

Mukhtar Mai in a rare moment of bliss. She herself is a rape victim, and is attending the school she started. Ann Curry
Kristof's columns have raised such an outcry in the U.S. that readers sent in significant donations for a school, a first in the area. Research on how educating women could get rid of third world poverty offers hope not just for children in those nations, but for children in America as well.

Click here for more from Mercy Corps. Ann Curry

Inspired by Mukhtar Mai, this woman fought back against her attackers and is now an activist for justice and teacher in Pakistan. Ann Curry