Bonnie Franklin

Best known for her role as divorced mother Ann Romano on "One Day at a Time," the actress was nominated for a Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe.

Bonnie Franklin, who died March 1, 2013, is best known for her role as divorced mother Ann Romano on "One Day at a Time." Her daughters were played by Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli, with Pat Harrington as Schneider, the ever-present building superintendent. Courtesy Everett Collection
Harrington provided much of "One Day at a Time's" comic relief. The sitcom ran from 1975 to 1984. Cbs Photo Archive / via Getty Images
Franklin, Harrington, Phillips and Glenn Scarpelli, who played Franklin's boyfriend's son on "One Day at a Time," attend the TV Land Awards in New York in 2012. Gary Gershoff / Getty Images
Franklin's "One Day at a Time" character was one of the earliest divorcees on television. Getty Images / Getty Images
Franklin, second from left, is seen with Richard Crenna, Jim Nabors, Linda Lavin, Bert Convy and Eve Arden in the miniseries "CBS: On the Air." Everett Collection / Everett Col
The "One Day at a Time" cast, including Franklin, Phillips, Bertinelli and Harrington, reunited on TODAY in 2008. Ali Goldstein / Ali Goldstein /NBC NewsWire