Purr-tective custody: Wild monkey adopts kitten

Remarkable images of a wild macaque monkey who appointed himself stepdad to a kitten abandoned in a forest in Bali, Indonesia, were captured by an amateur photographer.

A wild monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten and is caring for it as his own. The long-tailed macaque monkey was spotted in a forest in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia, protectively nuzzling and grooming the kitten. Anne Young /
The extraordinary sight of the wild monkey that adopted a ginger kitten was captured by vacationing amateur photographer Anne Young in Bali's Monkey Forest Park. Anne Young /
Amateur photographer Anne Young reported that the wild macaque was very protective of the abandoned kitten he adopted, and even tried to hide the feline from her lens with a large leaf. Anne Young /
After picking up the kitten abandoned in a Balinese monkey preserve, the wild male macaque carried the cat off into the forest. Anne Young /
Amateur photographer Anne Young reported that the abandoned kitten adopted by a wild macaque responded to its new stepparent by snuggling into the monkey. Anne Young /