North Korea continues celebrations

Pyongyang refuses to let failed rocket launch dampen tone of festivities.

North Korean military personnel watch a performance in a theatre during celebrations to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the country's founding leader Kim Il-Sung, in Pyongyang on April 16. The commemorations came just three days after a satellite launch timed to mark the centenary fizzled out embarrassingly when the rocket apparently exploded within minutes of blastoff and plunged into the sea. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
Dancers perform during a gala show in Pyongyang April 16. The performance was part of the celebration on the centenary of the birth of Kim Il-sung. Bobby Yip / Reuters
Statues of North Korea's founding president Kim Il-Sung, left, and his son Kim Jong-Il are unveiled during a ceremony in Pyongyang on April 13. North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-Un led a mass rally for his late father and grandfather following the country's failed rocket launch. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
A North Korean woman in traditional dress speaks on the telephone inside the lobby of the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang on April 13. Ed Jones / AFP - Getty Images
North Korean press center workers are surrounded by international journalists trying to gather news on the launch inside a hotel press center set up in Pyongyang, North Korea, April 13. David Guttenfelder / AP
University students slide into a swimming pool at Kim Il-Sung University in Pyongyang, on April 11. Bobby Yip / Reuters
North Korean workers paint a building in Pyongyang on April 12. North Korea's five-day window to launch a rocket opened on April 12 with Asian countries on alert, as Washington told G8 world powers that the communist state was in flagrant violation of a United Nations ban. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
North Korean workers sit on the back of a truck in Pyongyang on April 12. Ed Jones / AFP - Getty Images
North Korean guards talk outside a construction site at Pyongyang airport on April 12. Ed Jones / AFP - Getty Images
North Korean technicians watch live images of the rocket Unha-3 at the satellite control room of the space center on the outskirts of Pyongyang on April 11. North Korea said that the fuelling of the long-range rocket was under way, ahead of the launch scheduled for later that week despite international protests."We are injecting fuel as we speak. It has started," Paek Chang-Ho, director of the satellite control centre told visiting foreign journalists. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
North Korean workers are seen working in an apple farm near Pyongyang on April 10, 2012. North Korea is counting down to the 100th anniversary of its founder's birth Kim Il-Sung on April 15 with top-level meetings and a controversial rocket launch scheduled in coming days to bolster his grandson's credentials. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
Workers operate production lines at a factory making fruit juice near the Daedonggang Fruit Farm, with 308 acres of apple trees, on the outskirts of Pyongyang April 10. Bobby Yip / Reuters
A factory worker in the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Silk Mill in the North Korean capital on April 9. The factory is named after the wife of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. Bobby Yip / Reuters
Thousands of people wave flower wreaths during an event in Pyongyang on Monday, seen from atop the capital's Jangdaezae hill on April 9. Ed Flanagan / NBC News
North Koreans rehearse a dance to be performed at the commemoration of the 100th birth anniversary of their late president Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang. In the countdown to the April 15 celebrations, North Korea is planning a controversial rocket launch and holding top-level meetings -- moves some analysts say are aimed at bolstering the credentials of Kim Jong Un, newly anointed leader and grandson of Kim Il Sung. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
A North Korean waitress lays out packaged lunches on a train heading northwest from Pyongyang on April 8. A group of foreign journalists, escorted by North Korean officials, were traveling by rail to see the country's Unha-3 rocket, slated for lift off between April 12-16, at Sohae Satellite Station in Tongchang-ri in to North Phyongan Province. Ng Han Guan / AP
Engineers check the base of the Unha-3 (Milky Way 3) rocket sitting on a launch pad at Sohae Satellite Station, in Tongchang-ri on April 8. North Korea has readied a rocket for a launch this week that will showcase the reclusive state's ability to fire a missile with the capacity to hit the continental United States. Bobby Yip / Reuters
A visitor poses with a soldier on guard in front of the Unha-3 (Milky Way 3) rocket sitting on a launch pad at the Sohae Satellite Launch Site, during a guided media tour April 8. Bobby Yip / Reuters
Officials show visiting journalists the satellite that they say will be put in orbit using the country's Unha-3 rocket, on April 8 at Sohae Satellite Station in Tongchang-ri, North Korea. Space officials have moved a long-range rocket into position for the controversial satellite launch, and scheduled the launch for a window between April 12-16, in defiance of international warnings against violating a ban on missile activity. David Guttenfelder / AP
North Korean technicians work in the control room of the Tongchang-ri Space Center on April 8. North Korea's long-range rocket is on its launch platform being prepared to carry the satellite into orbit. The usually secretive North organized an unprecedented visit for foreign reporters to the facility in an effort to show the launch is part of a peaceful program, not a ballistic missile program as feared by its critics. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
Pyongyang at dawn on April 8. Bobby Yip / Reuters
A North Korean soldier stands guard at a checkpoint seen from a train heading northwest from Pyongyang to North Phyongan Province along the country's west coast on April 8. David Guttenfelder / AP
This undated picture released by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency on April 7, 2012 shows Kim Jong Un, center, inspecting a KPA Navy Unit 155 in North Korea. Kim is the grandson of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, and succeeded his father Kim Jong Il after his death in December 2011. Kcna Via Kns / AFP - Getty Images
A tractor is seen from the window of a train along the railway line between Pyongyang and the North Phyongan Province on the west coast on April 8. North Korea has suffered food shortages in recent years due to drought, flooding and mismanagement of the land. Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images
Japan's military personnel stand by a PAC-3 Patriot missile unit on the compound of Japan's Defense Agency in Tokyo on April 7 deployed in preparation for North Korea's rocket launch slated for some time between April 12-16. As the United States and its allies decry the planned rocket launch, they say it also presents a rare opportunity to assess the secretive nation's ability to strike beyond its shores. AP
Snow blankets the town of Samjiyon, North Korea at the foot of Mt. Paektu on April 3. The mountain is considered sacred by Koreans in the north and the south. David Guttenfelder / AP
A lone worker clears snow from a path at the the Samjiyon Grand Monument in Samjiyon, North Korea, April 3. David Guttenfelder / AP
North Korean students break through lines of colorful ribbons as they arrive for their first day back to school during a ceremony to mark the start of a new school year at Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 in Pyongyang, North Korea on April 2. Jon Chol Jin / AP
An elderly North Korean woman cries as she looks at the deed to her new home during a ceremony at Wonhwa-ri communal farm in North Korea's Phyongwon County in North Phyongan Province, March 31. Residents of the farm town, including the woman, who is a widow, were relocated during a 2012 renewal project to tear down old structures and replace them with new homes. Kim Kwang Hyon / AP