Eye contact: Mesmerizing images of elderly animals

Fine-art photographer Isa Leshko captures images of older animals to explore her own fears of aging as she watches her mother decline.

Fine-art photographer Isa Leshko has spent years capturing images of aging animals. Her photographs appear here, along with the name, breed and age of the animals whenever possible.

Handsome One, thoroughbred horse, age 33. Isa Leshko
Age 12. Isa Leshko
Bronze turkey, age 5. Isa Leshko
Potbellied pig, age 12. Isa Leshko
Morgan Arabian horse, age 28. Isa Leshko
Both age 12. Isa Leshko
Age 28. Isa Leshko
Yorkshire pig, age 13. Isa Leshko
Age 28. Isa Leshko
Irish wolfhound, age 11. Isa Leshko
Age unknown. Isa Leshko
Great Plains wolf, age 17. Isa Leshko
Australian kelpie, age 19.

To see more of Isa Leshko’s “Elderly Animals” images and learn more about her work, visit her website. Isa Leshko