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Window in white, typhoon tragedy, veterans remembered, Saturn's glory, braids on parade and more compelling images.

Survivors stand among debris and ruins of houses destroyed after Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban in the Philippines on Nov. 10. Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms to have ever made landfall, killed thousands of people and left survivors without food and shelter. Erik De Castro / Reuters
A relative holds newly born baby Bea Joy as her mother, Emily Ortega, recuperates in a makeshift birthing clinic at the airport in typhoon-devastated Tacloban on Nov. 11. Ortega was in an evacuation center when the storm hit and had to swim and cling to a post to survive. Erik De Castro / Reuters
The body of a typhoon victim lies on a street in Tacloban on Nov. 13, five days after Typhoon Haiyan swept over the Philippines. Philippe Lopez / AFP - Getty Images
Seagulls fly over the Bosphorus near a ferry passing from the Anatolian to the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, on Nov. 7.

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Turkish Shi'ite girls watch a re-enactment of the battle of Kerbala on a huge screen during a procession in Istanbul, Turkey, on Nov. 13. During Ashura, Shi'ite Muslims commemorate the slaying of Prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein iin 680 AD.

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Young gray wolves explore their new enclosure at the Akcent Mini Zoo in Bialystok, Poland, on Nov. 13. Three wolves, two females and one male, were transferred from an animal park in Germany to join a local wolf. Artur Reszko / EPA
Sarah Stancyzk curls up Nov. 11, Veterans Day, at the Arlington National Cemetery gravesite of her husband, Pfc. David Metzger, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. For Veterans Day, President Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb Of Unknowns to pay tribute to military veterans past and present who have served and sacrificed their lives for their country. Mark Wilson / Getty Images
Canadian sailor Mylene Paquette celebrates as she arrives in Lorient, western France, on Nov. 12, after rowing from Canada's east coast. Paquette, a 35-year-old from Quebec, made the 2,700 nautical mile trip in 129 days.

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This image from the space probe Cassini is the first in which Saturn, its moons and rings, and Earth, Venus and Mars, all are visible. The photo captures 404,880 miles across Saturn and its inner ring system. NASA via Reuters
School children walk on a road between fields covered with volcanic ash from the eruption of Sumatra's Mount Sinabung on Nov. 9. The rumbling volcano has forced more than 1,000 people living on its slopes to relocate to temporary shelters amid fears of major eruptions. Binsar Bakkara / AP
Serbian soldiers take part in a ceremony marking Armistice Day at the French military cemetery in Belgrade on Nov. 11. The date commemorates the signing of the truce that ended the fighting in World War I and for remembering the soldiers killed in the war. Darko Vojinovic / AP