Game on: The sights of E3 2013

The gaming community is out in force in Los Angeles to see Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others display their latest consumer offerings.

Attendees wait for the show floor doors to open in the foyer of the Los Angeles Convention Center before the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Nearly 50,000 developers, promoters, and press flocked to E3 this year to see the latest games, hardware and accessories. Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images
The main character of the game "Diggs Nightcrawler" is helped by assistants at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, Calif., from June 11-13, 2013. Michael Nelson / EPA
An E3 attendee plays the Xbox One game "LocoCycle" at the Microsoft booth. Microsoft's new console and Sony's new PS4, unveiled at E3, each made games available to play at the conference. Michael Nelson / EPA
An actress playing a zombie promotes the new game "Dead Rising 3" at the Capcom booth at E3. Michael Nelson / EPA
Gamers play Pac Man on an Atari game console during E3. Gus Ruelas / Reuters
Ryan Hakik sports a Mohawk hairdo printed with the title of "Titanfall," a high-profile new Xbox One game. Jae C. Hong / AP
Attendees play the Sega game "Company of Heroes II" in a mock bunker at the company's booth at E3. Michael Nelson / EPA
The new Nvidia Shield Android-powered gaming system is displayed at E3. Michael Nelson / EPA
Software designer Julian Kantor, left, takes a picture of Jonathan Feng as he uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience his program at E3. Gus Ruelas / Reuters
Scosche's Bluetooth dice will work with the iPad, enabling chance-based games using real physical dice. Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images
A woman at the Atlus booth places crowns on the heads of attendees to promote the company's new game "Dragon's Crown." David McNew / Reuters
Attendees walk by the display for the game "Watch Dogs" at the Ubisoft booth at E3. The game focuses on the surveillance and interception of everyday electronic communications. Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images
Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, center, plays "Just Dance 2014" at the Ubisoft booth at E3 in Los Angeles. Alexandra Wyman / AP
Larre Johnson of Los Angeles is greeted by a character from the game " Plants vs. Zombies" at E3, near the entrance to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Gus Ruelas / Reuters
Attendees in special cockpit-style control setups play the "Gran Turismo 6" racing game for PlayStation 3 on the first day of E3. Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images
The movements of E3 attendees are captured by the Xbox One's next-generation Kinect sensor. Michael Nelson / EPA
An attendee photographs a Helghast sniper character from the upcoming PS4 game "Killzone: Shadow Fall" at E3. David McNew / Reuters
Attendees play a variety of games on PlayStation 4 consoles at the Sony booth during E3. Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images