Animal Tracks: Jan. 8 - 15

From a confident koala to a race between a tortoise and hare, check out this week's round-up of the cutest animals around the globe.

Two men walk past cows in Minkaman, South Sudan on Jan. 13. Andreea Campeanu / Reuters
A visitor feeds a snowball to a giant panda at a zoo in Kunming, China on Jan. 13. Wong Campion / Reuters
An ostrich strays into the empty streets of Bentiu, South Sudan on Jan. 12. Simon Maina / AFP - Getty Images
A squirrel holding a nut sits on a branch in Sottrum, Germany on Jan. 12. Ingo Wagner / AFP - Getty Images
A pet rabbit and a tortoise race in a competition in Sanmenxia in China's Henan province on Jan. 12. Cats and dogs faced off against a menagerie including a rooster and a yellow duck in a race to the finish line on snowy slopes. Str / AFP - Getty Images
An Indian worker holds two lion cubs at Patna Zoo in India on Jan. 10. Aftab Alam Siddiqui / AP
A koala named Vobara sits on a scale at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany during the zoo's annual inventory on Jan. 10. Jan-philipp Strobel / EPA
A tree kingfisher perches on a branch in Tel Aviv, Israel on Jan. 10. Jack Guez / AFP - Getty Images
Chimmi the Dalmatian looks at his own reflection before a pedigree dog exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. More than 3,500 dogs competed during the show on Jan. 11 and 12. Daniel Karmann / AFP - Getty Images
A Barbary macaque sits on a wooden railing on Jan. 8 at the Affenberg animal park in Salem, Germany. Felix Kaestle / AFP - Getty Images
A bear eats frozen fruits to cool off in Rio de Janeiro's Zoo on Jan. 8. Stringer/brazil / Reuters
A bee sits on a flower in the Palm Garden in Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 8. Arne Dedert / Zuma Press