Meet the cast of ‘Biggest Loser’$2 14

In the new season, 15 adults and — for the first time — three kids head to the Biggest Loser Ranch to drop pounds and change their lives.

Alexandra "Alex" Reid
Age: 24
Starting weight: 240 lbs.
Occupation: Legal assistant
Hometown: Carrolton, Texas Chris Haston / NBC
Noah "Biingo" Gray
Age: 13
Grade: Eighth
Career goal: Professional baseball player
Hometown: New Windsor, Md. Chris Haston / NBC
Catherine "Cate" Laughlan
Age: 28
Starting weight: 237 lbs.
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Ransomville, NY Chris Haston / NBC
Dannielle "Danni" Allen
Age: 26
Starting weight: 258 lbs.
Occupation: Advertising account coordinator
Hometown: Wheeling, Ill. Chris Haston / NBC
David Jones
Age: 51
Starting weight: 307 lbs.
Occupation: Police officer
Hometown: Kiefer, Okla. Chris Haston / NBC
Francelina Morillo
Age: 25
Starting weight: 267 lbs.
Occupation: Student and store manager
Hometown: Albany, NY Chris Haston / NBC
Regina "Gina" McDonald
Age: 47
Starting weight: 245 lbs.
Occupation: Attorney and law firm owner
Hometown: Hoover, Ala. Chris Haston / NBC
Jackson Carter
Age: 21
Starting weight: 328 lbs.
Occupation: Volunteer coordinator and movie theater assistant manager
Hometown: Layton, Utah Chris Haston / NBC
Jeff Nichols
Age: 24
Starting weight: 388 lbs.
Occupation: Pharmaceutical representative
Hometown: Monroe, Mich. Chris Haston / NBC
Joseph "Joe" Ostaszewski
Age: 43
Starting weight: 364 lbs.
Occupation: Senior sales executive
Hometown: Williston, Fla. Chris Haston / NBC
Lindsay Bravo
Age: 13
Grade: Eighth
Career goal: Pediatric surgeon or OB/GYN
Hometown: Fillmore, Calif. Nbc / Chris Haston/NBC
Lisa Rambo
Age: 37
Starting weight: 246 lbs.
Occupation: High-school special education assistant
Hometown: Houlton, Wis. Chris Haston / NBC
Michael Dorsey
Age: 34
Starting weight: 444 lbs.
Occupation: College professor and communications consultant
Hometown: Baltimore, Md. Chris Haston / NBC
Nathan "Nate" Montgomery
Age: 25
Starting weight: 359 lbs.
Occupation: Financial advisor
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo. Chris Haston / NBC
Nicole "Nikki" Davis
Age: 26
Starting weight: 280 lbs.
Occupation: Makeup artist
Hometown: Chatsworth, Calif. Chris Haston / NBC
Pamela "Pam" Geil
Age: 43
Starting weight: 237 lbs.
Occupation: Executive assistant
Hometown: New York, NY Chris Haston / NBC
Sanjana “Sunny" Chandrasekar
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Career goal: Doctor
Hometown: Rochester, NY Chris Haston / NBC
Thomas "TC" Pool
Age: 31
Starting weight: 376 lbs.
Occupation: Purchasing manager
Hometown: Albany, Ore. Chris Haston / NBC