‘Chimpanzee’ tells touching story of love and survival

When a young chimp is orphaned, an unexpected adoption changes his life. The latest film from Disneynature shines a light on our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.

Oscar, the star in the film, 'Chimpanzee,' finds himself alone in the African forest and is adopted by an older male chimp. The film by Disneynature will donate proceeds of first week ticket sales to the Jane Goodall Institute. Here are some amazing photographs from the film. Mark Linfield / Disney
Oscar carries a rock which he will use to crack open nuts. Mark Linfield / Disney
Freddy takes Oscar under his care when the younger chimpanzee finds himself on his own. Disney
Oscar walks through the African jungle. Mark Linfield / Disney
Isha hugs her son, Oscar. Martyn Colbeck / Disney
Oscar eats sacoglottis fruit. Disney
An adult chimpanzee looks around. Cecile Burban / Disney
Oscar rests in his adopted father's lap. Disney
Scar (left) and a male chimpanzee (right) are part of a different group of chimpanzees. Kristin J Mosher / Disney
Freddy is the ruling alpha male in his group. Disney
Isha and Oscar spend time together in the jungle. Martyn Colbeck / Disney
A male chimpanzee gazes up towards the canopy. Kristin J Mosher / Disney
Freddy's rivals walk through the jungle. Kristin J Mosher / Disney
Isha and Oscar eat Sacoglottis fruit. Martyn Colbeck / Disney
A sub-adult male chimpanzee clings to a tree. Kristin J Mosher / Disney