Ghosts of Halloweens past: Vintage images of scary celebrations

From way back when and not too long ago, check out what Halloween used to look like.

A group of small-fry superheroes head out on the big night in Oakland, N.J., Oct. 14, 1966. Eddie Adams / AP
Actress Barbara Bates and her husband Michael watch guests arrive at a Halloween party on October31, 1956. Getty Images
Grown-up guests bob for apples at a Halloween party in October 1922. Getty Images
A Halloween pumpkin gets carved in a photo taken circa 1955. Getty Images
A group of men in costume as witches, complete with brooms, line the staircase of a house, circa 1950. Getty Images
From left to right, Elizabeth Bianco, Barbara Lee, Anthony Dimino and Theresa Imbronone try to take a bite of a big apple at a Halloween party in New York City, circa 1940. The party was organized for members of Tots' Town, a day care facility at the Children's Aid Society's James Center. Getty Images
A family admires their lit-up jack-o-lantern, circa 1955. Getty Images
Costumed kids arrive at a Halloween party, circa 1960. Getty Images
As kids arrive at a Halloween party, circa 1955, a sign on the door warns "Beware ghosts are within!" Getty Images
A little girl waits at a window for the first guests to arrive at her Halloween party, circa 1955. Getty Images
Kids in New York's Little Italy try eating apples dangling from a string as part of a Halloween game, some with better success than others. The party, on Oct. 25, 1939, was thrown by the Children's Aid Society. AP
A tin man and a couple of dolls march in the Halloween festival in Anaheim, Calif., on Oct. 20, 1962. More than 7,000 kids took part in a parade, and there was a breakfast for 2,000 costumed citizens. AP
Kids (including a tiny Mr. Peanut in a big hat) prepare for the Halloween festival parade in Anaheim, Calif. on Oct. 20, 1962. AP
Elementary school children take a walk at the Halloween festival parade in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 20, 1962. AP
Kids sit on the sidelines to watch the parade at the Halloween festival in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 20, 1962. AP
Kids march in the Halloween festival parade in Anaheim, Calif. on Oct. 20, 1962. AP
Scary stuff! A girl reads a hair-raising story in New York, Oct. 20, 1964. AP
Some 20,000 kids arrived in New York's Central Park for a Halloween costume party thrown by the city on October 30, 1966. AP
Dressed in their bunny outfits, Warren (top) and Missey (below) Millard of Miami, Fla. get ready for a Halloween sugar rush on Oct. 25, 1974. AP
A man named Bill Schuck transformed his home in Miramar, Fla. into a Halloween horror house for the entertainment of local kids on Oct. 31, 1976. AP
Halloween revelers celebrate at Studio 54's legendary Halloween party, in 1977. Richard Drew / AP
An unidentified man in a very elaborate costume mugs for the camera at Studio 54's Halloween party in New York on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1978. Richard Drew / AP
Teenagers (from left) Kristi Hale, Jody Johnson, Tammy Winton and Katy Thorp get a scare during a visit to a “haunted mansion” in Sacramento, Calif. on Oct. 30, 1979. AP
It was a carb-friendly affair at the 10th annual New York City Halloween parade on Oct. 31, 1983. The event, which marches through Greenwich Village every year, attracted some 250,000 people. Ray Stubblebine / AP
A 7-year-old named Carrie, in this photo from Halloween 1985, models a witch costume from Woolworth's, which boasted a mask with extra-large eye holes so kids could see better on the big night. AP
A man with children dressed as clowns poses in New Jersey in this photo, from the 1930s.
A masked girl in Illinois in the 1930s poses in a pumpkin patch.
Lady Gaga could take a lesson from this getup: A woman in London dresses as a very convincing candelabra as part of the "Pageant of the Superstitions," a charity show on Oct. 10, 1930. Getty Images
In this photo, taken circa 1865, a white caped figure wearing a pumpkin mask takes two people by surprise in their kitchen. The image is part of the London Stereoscopic Company Comic Series, which created pictures that could be viewed in 3-D. London Stereoscopic Company / Getty Images