TODAY’s Halloween monster bash

TODAY celebrates by dressing up as ‘The Munsters,’ meeting creepy crawlers and throwing a plaza costume contest.

TODAY celebrates Halloween with a Monster Bash on Oct. 31, 2007. The TODAY hosts and correspondents dressed up as the main characters from the classic TV sitcom 'The Munsters,' with Meredith as Lily, Matt as Herman, Al as Grandpa, Hoda as Marilyn, Natalie as Eddie and Tiki as the family's favorite dragon, Spot. Andrew Sturgill /
TODAY host Matt Lauer, dressed as Herman from 'The Munsters,' takes some time to hear about haunted hotels from TODAY Travel Editor Peter Greenberg. Andrew Sturgill /
The TODAY show Halloween Monster Bash contintues with a costume contest, featuring a friendly letter from the I.R.S. to TODAY host Matt Lauer. Andrew Sturgill /
TODAY's Natalie Morales, dressed as Eddie of 'The Munsters,' clutches her werewolf doll and waves to the plaza before descending the Munster mansion's spooky staircase. Andrew Sturgill /
The TODAY show hosts, playing homage to the classic 1960's TV sitcom 'The Munsters,' greet Tiki Barber dressed as Spot, the fictional family's fire-breathing pet dragon. Andrew Sturgill /
TODAY correspondent Tiki Barber gets into the Halloween spirit by donning 'The Munsters' pet costume. . Andrew Sturgill /
In honor of the spooky holiday, viewers flock to the TODAY show plaza to show off their fun, creative disguises and compete in the TODAY costume contest. Andrew Sturgill /
TODAY's Matt Lauer, dressed as Herman from 'The Munsters,' gets up close and personal with some truly creepy crawlers -- giant hissing cockroaches and leeches. Andrew Sturgill /
The TODAY show celebrates Halloween with a Monster Bash on Wed. Oct. 31. Andrew Sturgill /
TODAY hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, celebrating Halloween in their Lily and Herman Munster costumes, share a laugh with the cast of the hit Broadway musical 'Young Frankenstein.' Andrew Sturgill /
Out on the TODAY show plaza, a baby celebrates Halloween in a turtle costume. Andrew Sturgill /
Matt Lauer and Al Roker disguised as Herman and Grandpa Munster. Andrew Sturgill /