2016 Conventions

Election Confessions DNC Edition: How Voters Really Feel About 2016

Opinions about the 2016 presidential election turned raw and candid at the Democratic National Convention — once the promise of anonymity was on the table.

NBC News brought Election Confessions to Philadelphia, giving Republicans and Democrats alike a safe space to share their secret thoughts on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and more.

Over 1,000 people, including voters, delegates and tourists, submitted anonymous confessions throughout the week of the DNC.

We rounded up some of the most shocking, depressing and entertaining secrets below and you can also check out the confessions from the RNC in Cleveland here.

Confessors who ... basically have their bags packed

Oh, Canada! I've been learning the lyrics

Moving to Canada is Trump gets elected

If Trump becomes president I'm moving to Europe before he kicks me out

I will leave the U.S. if Trump is elected

Confessors who ... have some other people in mind for president

Lin Manuel-Miranda for pres 2016...

I confess I'd like LeBron James to run for president

I hate all of our choices. Voting for my dad!!

I confess that I am voting for my pit bull this year

I'm voting #Yeezy2020

Confessors who ... are new to voting and don't seem pleased

This is my first election I get to vote, and I'm disappointed

I'm 19, a first time voter, a community college student, and was threatened to vote for Hillary

First time voter and I'm not even looking forward to a new president

This is the first president election I can vote in and I'm scared

Confessors who ... had a change of party heart

I was a lifelong Republican turned Democrat...

American 1st, Republican 2nd. Vote Hillary

Lifelong Republican, and Trump is unacceptable

Lifelong Republican for Hillary

Confessors who ... are happy with the status quo

I'm out & proud and want Barack Obama for 4 more years!

I wish that we could have President Obama for a third term

Confessors who ... can't quit The Bern

I tell 'em I'll vote Hillary. But I'm writing in Bernie and I'm a party leader

Let's all write Bernie in on Election Day


I always vote Democrat. Still feeling the Bern!

Will vote Hillary but still want Bernie!

Confessors who ... are channeling The Hunger Games

I think we'd be better off...

If Trump wins, I'm starting a rebellion. #Katniss2016

Confessors who ... have lukewarm feelings for Trump

Trump is growing on me :/

I'm voting for Trump but tell everyone I'm voting for Hillary

I might just vote for Trump for the LOLZ

I will probably vote Trump :/

I'll vote for Trump just because I saw an episode of the Simpsons...

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