A series of explosions hit Brussels airport and the Belgian capital's subway on March 22, 2016.


The 'Man in the Hat' Spills Terror Gang's Secrets The 'Man in the Hat' Spills Terror Gang's Secrets The 'Man in the Hat' Spills Terror Gang's Secrets

The 'Man in the Hat' Spills Terror Gang's Secrets

Airport Departure Hall Bombed in Brussels Reopens Airport Departure Hall Bombed in Brussels Reopens Airport Departure Hall Bombed in Brussels Reopens

Airport Departure Hall Bombed in Brussels Reopens

Brussels Airport Departure Hall Reopens after Deadly Attacks


U.S. Missionary Wounded in Brussels Bombing Goes Home

Belgium Charges Two Men in Relation to Brussels Terror Attacks

Brussels Attackers Initially Planned to Hit France: Prosecutor

Mohamed Abrini Admits to Being 'Man in Hat' in Brussels Airport Attack

Brussels Bombings: Four Arrested, Charged in Brussels Attacks Amid Raid in Etterbeek

Paris Suspect Among 'Several' Arrests in Belgium, Prosecutors Say


Belgian Police Arrest Multiple Paris, Brussels Terror Suspects

Brussels Bombing: New Video Released Showing 'Man in White'

Brussels Bomber Najim Laachraoui Worked at European Parliament: Source

TSA Chief: 'Chaos' of Brussels Attacks Motivates Agency Improvements

Justin and Stephanie Shults, Americans Killed in Brussels, Return to U.S. Soil

Brussels Airport Reopens for First Flights Since Terror Attacks

Belgium Charges Third Suspect in Foiled Terror Plot; Brussels Airport to Reopen

Photographer Meets Sebastien Bellin, Victim of Brussels Blast

Third American Killed In Brussels Terror Attacks Identified

French Terror Suspect Had Arsenal in Apartment

Belgian Prime Minister's Home, Office Found on Bomber's Laptop


Photos Show Damage Inside Brussels Airport After Attack

2 Mormon Missionaries Hurt in Brussels Attack Return to Utah

Don't Blame Intelligence Failures for Brussels Attack, Belgian Justice Minister Says


We Nabbed Wrong Man in Brussels Attacks: Belgian Officials


Watch: Brussels Emergency Workers Get Standing Ovation

A Nuclear Wake-Up Call in Belgium

Brussels Attacks 'Suspect' Faycal Cheffou Freed Due to Lack of Evidence

Brussels Bombings: Belgian Police Issue New Appeal for Info on 'Man in White'

2 More Americans Confirmed Dead in Brussels Attacks: State Department


Watch Security Video of Brussels Airport Bombing Suspect

Beyond Brussels: The Terror Attacks You May Have Missed

Right-Wing Protesters Met by Riot Police at Brussels Memorial Site

Why Identifying Brussels Attacks Victims Has Taken So Long

Pope Francis Delivers Easter Sunday Mass in Wake of Brussels Attacks


U.S. Missionaries Who Survived Brussels Attacks Reunite With Family

Justin and Stephanie Shults, Americans Missing in Belgium, Confirmed Dead

Relatives of U.S. Missionary in Coma 'Just Glad He's Alive'

Brussels Bombings: Faycal Cheffou Faces Terror Charges

Brussels Airport Closed Until At Least March 29 After Bombing

French President: Terror Group Being Eliminated But Threat Still Looms


Witness Describes Moment She Heard Terror Suspect Get Shot

New York-Based Siblings Killed in Brussels Were 'Sweet And Wonderful'

New York-Based Sascha, Alexander Pinczowski Killed in Brussels Blasts

Brussels Attacks: Man Arrested, Wounded in Area Near Brussels Bomb Factory


American Recounts Surviving His Second Terror Attack in Brussels

Suspected Paris Bomb-Maker Najim Laachraoui Was Brussels Attacker

Brussels Attacks: Naim al-Hamed Reportedly Is 5th Suspect


Missionary Injured in Brussels Attacks Speaks Out


Kerry: 'The U.S. Stands Firmly Behind Belgium'


Look Inside the Brussels Attackers' Hide-Out

John Kerry: We're Determined to Thwart Foreign Fighters

Brussels Attacks: Missing U.S. Couple Justin and Stephanie Shults Not Found, Family Says

Brussels Attacks: Who Are the U.S. Residents Missing in Belgium?

2 New Yorkers Missing in Brussels Not on List of Wounded: Family

Bystanders Acted Fast And Selflessly After Brussels Attacks

Belgium, Europe Struggle to Balance Rights, Need to Fight Terror

Brussels Suicide Bomber Najim Laachraoui's Brother: 'He Was a Nice Boy'

FBI Director Comey Believes Brussels Attacks Won't Inspire U.S. Copycats

Dozens of Terror Plots Thwarted Across Europe, Say Officials

U.S. Knew Brussels Bombers Before They Struck

Brussels Attacks: Bombers Filmed Nuclear Researcher, Expert Says

Brussels Attacks: Many Questions, Few Answers After Suicide Bombings

Brussels Attacks Survivor Who Refused to Flee: 'It Was Like a War'


'Man in White' Hunted Amid Fears of Looming Attacks


Brussels Airport Workers Hold Vigil For The Fallen

Brussels Terror Attacks Expose Security Challenges of 'Soft Targets'

Suspected Paris Bomb Maker Najim Laachraoui Died in Brussels Airport Attack: Sources

Brussels Attacks: El Bakraoui Brothers Were Jailed for Carjackings, Shootout

Brussels Attacks Strand Hundreds of Airline Passengers in Makeshift Shelter

Brussels Attacks: Suicide Bombers Were Brothers

Belgium Attacks: Latest Updates on the Deadly Attacks and the Investigation

Brussels Attacks: Timeline of the Events in the Belgian Capital

Najim Laachraoui: What We Know About Suspected Bomb-Maker

Secret Cable: Belgium Thought It Was Slowing ISIS Tide

Tools of Terror: Details of Brussels Bombs Revealed

Brussels Attacks: Belgians Mourn With Beer and Frites


City Holds Minute's Silence for Brussels Terror Victims

Brussels Attacks: What We Know About ISIS-Claimed Blasts at Airport, Subway


Brussels on Lockdown: See Tightened Security in Europe's Capital

Mormon Missionaries From Utah Among Belgian Bombing Survivors

Pictures of Tintin Crying Show Love for Brussels


'It's a Miracle': Mormon Survivor Was 'Very Close' to Bomb

Brussels Terror: Belgian Police Find Bomb-Making Factory, ISIS Flag


Officials: No Intel of a Brussels-Style Attack in U.S.


Brussels Attacks: Is This the New Normal?


Brussels Attacks Inspire Show of Solidarity


#JeSuisBruxelles: Tributes Around the World Show Solidarity With Brussels

Migration Crisis Looms in Background of Brussels Terror Attacks

Brussels Terror Attacks Highlight GOP Split on Foreign Policy

Mightier Than The Sword: Artists Respond to Terror Attacks in Brussels


King of Belgium on Attacks: 'Today Our Country is in Mourning'


NBC News Special Report: Brussels Terror Attacks


House Holds Moment of Silence for Victims of Brussels Attacks


How the Presidential Candidates Would Have Responded to Brussels


Obama Briefed in Havana After Brussels Attacks

Brussels Airport and Metro Explosions: ISIS Claims Responsibility


Sanders: Clearly More Needs to Be Done to Combat ISIS


Kasich Critical of Obama's Response to Brussels Attacks