Coverage of the investigation into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his administration's involvement with lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.


Bridgegate Scandal: Ex Christie Allies Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly Get Prison Bridgegate Scandal: Ex Christie Allies Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly Get Prison Bridgegate Scandal: Ex Christie Allies Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly Get Prison Bridgegate Scandal: Ex Christie Allies Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly Get Prison

Christie Allies Get Prison in Bridgegate Scandal

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Bridgegate Trial: What the Pending Verdict Means For Chris Christie Bridgegate Trial: What the Pending Verdict Means For Chris Christie Bridgegate Trial: What the Pending Verdict Means For Chris Christie

Pending 'Bridgegate' Verdict Hangs Over Christie's Future

Jury Begins 'Bridgegate' Deliberations Jury Begins 'Bridgegate' Deliberations Jury Begins 'Bridgegate' Deliberations

Jury Begins 'Bridgegate' Deliberations

Bridgegate Trial: 5 Things to Know as Christie Traffic Scandal Reaches Court

Former Christie Aide Pleads Guilty in United Airlines Bribery Case

No Evidence Christie Involved in Bridge Plot, Report Finds

NJ Subpoenas Christie Phone Records in Bridge Jam Scandal

Second Bridge Investigation Linked to Chris Christie

Ex-Christie Aide 'Dumbfounded' by Traffic Plot


Wildstein Told Me Stepian, Kelly, Christie Knew About Study


Wildstein Told Me Traffic Study Was His Idea


Aide: Kelly Told Me To 'Get Rid Of' Email


Christie: 'I Knew Nothing About' Bridgegate

Manhattan DA Sends Out Subpoenas on Port Projects

Poll: NJers Not Buying Probe Exonerating Christie

Democrat Presses for Christie Testimony in Bridge Furor


State Senator Slams 'So-Called' Bridge Report


Report Exonerates Christie, But Can He Rebound?

Embattled Christie Appointee Resigns

Christie Faces the Press: Here's 3 Questions He Must Answer

Report: 'Upset' Christie Berates Staff During Tense Investigation

Critics Push Back on Christie-Commissioned Bridgegate Report


Christie Sponsored Review Says Christie 'Vindicated'


Bridge Report Finds 'A Breach Of The Public Trust'

Internal Probe: Christie's Account of Bridgegate 'Rings True'

Email Could Raise Questions on Mayor's Charges

Two Figures in Bridge Scandal Fight Subpoenas in Court

A judge will consider whether Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien must be forced to hand over documents.

New Jersey Town Releases 911 Tapes From Bridge Shut Down

The dispatch tapes included reports of chest pains, traffic collisions, false fire alarms and a 4-year-old who went missing from his school.

Christie Allies Joked About Causing 'Traffic Problems' for Rabbi

The revelation is the latest to surface in the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Fort Lee Mayor Meets With Federal Prosecutors About Bridge Lane Closures

Town is where allies of Gov. Chris Christie created traffic jams last fall.

Texas' Perry Says Christie Doing 'Fine Job' for GOP Governors

The Texas governor says his New Jersey counterpart shouldn't resign as chief of the Republican Governors Association.

No Bridge Talk At Christie's First Town Hall of the Year

In a mostly somber back-and-forth with voters and Sandy victims, the governor also gets comments about The Boss and his weight loss.

Report: Christie's Pal Monitored Bridge Lane Closures

A police officer who is a longtime friend of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was at the George Washington Bridge during lane closures that jammed traffic and sparked a scandal in the governor’s administration, MSNBC reported on Sunday.

New Subpoenas Seek Christie's Helicopter Logs

The joint legislative panel also threatened to pursue a contempt case against two of the New Jersey governor's former aides.

More Subpoenas Coming in Bridge Probe: Source

As many as a dozen more subpoenas surrounding the George Washington Bridge scandal are expected, NBC New York reports.

New Jersey Paper Says it "Blew" Endorsement of Christie

The Star-Ledger, one of New Jersey’s leading newspapers, on Sunday called its earlier endorsement of Gov. Chris Christie in his re-election bid “regrettable.”

US Attorney Subpoenas Hoboken Mayor in Christie Inquiry

Fort Lee Mayor Says Christie Team Wooed Him for Backing

The mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., says he was heavily courted to endorse Gov. Chris Christie during his re-election campaign.

Feds to NJ Lawmakers: Don't Interfere With Bridge Criminal Probe

New Bridge Allegation Piles on Political Woe for Christie

Christie, Ex-Official Clash Over Bridgegate Timing

'Just a Game of Gotcha': Christie Holds Firm

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday acknowledged that his office had been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey.

Forget 2016, Christie's Goal Now Is Saving His Governorship

After the last 72 hours of new developments in the scandals hitting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, the political story here is no longer about whether Christie can survive to be a top presidential contender in 2016. Rather, it’s about whether he’ll be able to hold on to his governorship.

Lawmaker Questions New Allegation Against Christie

A key New Jersey Democrat said Sunday that a new accusation about Gov. Chris Christie's knowledge of the bridge closing scandal enveloping his administration is unproven and raises credibility questions about the accuser.

Only Four Meet Subpoena Deadline in New Jersey Bridge Investigation

Christie Security Officer Charged With Shoplifting

A guard for N.J. Gov. Chris Christie was charged with shoplifting and allegedly asked police to go easy on him out of professional courtesy.

Christie Campaign Asks to Raise Funds for Bridge Probe Costs

Christie Staffer Resigns Amid Bridge Closure Probe

The aide was one of 17 people subpoenaed in one of the investigations of the September bridge lane closures.

Christie Camp Counterattacks Against Former Ally

An email from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's office blasts the man who ordered the September bridge closures and The New York Times for publishing his allegations.

Joan Rivers Tweets Photo With Christie At Stern B-Day Bash

Christie Bridge Ally Under Scrutiny Again: Report

One of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's closest allies could be caught up in another controversy, The Bergen Record reported Monday night.

Poll: Christie Numbers Tank As Scandals Continue

More Americans now believe Gov. Chris Christie is lying about the bridge closure scandal than believe he is telling the truth, according to a new poll.

Fort Lee Mayor to Attend State of the Union

Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich will be a guest of Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., the Bergen Record reports.

Port Authority Declines to Pay Wildstein's Legal Bills

Former agency executive David Wildstein resigned in December after it came to light he ordered the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

Feds Order Christie Campaign to Hand Over Bridge Documents

The investigation into lane closures in New Jersey takes a new turn.

Poll: Bridge Scandal Erases Christie's Post-Sandy Strength

Chris Christie was riding high after Super Storm Sandy, but a poll now finds that bump has been erased.


Governor Chris Christie sworn in for his second term

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie takes the oath of office, "a symbol of the bond we've created with each other over the past four years."

Cuccinelli: 'Makes sense' for Christie to bow out of RGA

Former Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli said Tuesday that it "makes sense" for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to resign as the head of the Republican Governor's Association.


Christie: The Oath is What I live By

During his inaugural speech, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says, "It is the oath I will live by for every day I am privileged to call myself your Governor."

Christie Cites Big Re-Election Win in Inaugural Address

He received a decisive 60 percent of the vote last November.


Embattled Gov. Christie Sworn In

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie takes the oath of office for his second term while he deals with a growing traffic scandal that has led to allegations of abuse of power.

Christie Skirts Scandal, Pushes Agenda in Inauguration Speech

Chris Christie ignored the scandals surrounding his administration Tuesday, using his second inauguration speech to deliver a message of bipartisan cooperation.

No Mention of Bridge Scandal in Inaugural Address

Gov. Chris Christie did not mention the fracas sparked by the George Washington Bridge lane closures in the first speech of his second term.

Christie's 2016 Hopes Dinged in New Poll

Christie trails Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical 2016 matchup.

Christie's Inauguration Bash Canceled Due to Weather

Organizers have canceled the party scheduled for Tuesday night on Ellis Island as a major snowstorm approaches.

Read Excerpts from Christie's Inaugural Address

The embattled governor will highlight the virtues of small government and bipartisan cooperation on Tuesday during his second inaugural address.

Christie in a Jam: Where Things Stand in Bridge, Sandy Scandals

Gov. Chris Christie begins his second term fighting allegations of political bullying.

NJ Storm Recovery Chief: Hoboken Was Treated Like Everyone Else

The city of Hoboken was treated the same as other communities like it who were seeking aid in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the chief of New Jersey’s storm recovery office said Monday.


Christie Camp Contests Hoboken Mayor's Claims

Following Gov. Christie’s bridge scandal, a back-and-forth battle is brewing between his top aides and the mayor of another New Jersey town.

Christie Spokesman Fires Back on Hoboken Mayor's Accusation

New Jersey Official: Mayor's Claim of Withholding Sandy Funds 'False'

New Jersey’s lieutenant governor rejects allegations that Hurricane Sandy relief money was tied to a development project important to Gov. Chris Christie


Kelly O'Donnell: Christie's Camp Denies Newest Claims

NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell reports on the latest claims of misconduct from a second local N.J. mayor against the Christie administration.

Giuliani: Democrat Leading Christie Probe Should Step Aside

The Democratic lawmaker leading an investigation of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is not impartial and ought to step aside, Christie ally Rudy Giuliani said Sunday.

Hoboken Mayor Meets With Christie Investigators

A New Jersey mayor met Sunday with federal investigators looking into Gov. Chris Christie's alleged strong-arm tactics.


N.J. Leader Reviews Christie Scandal

State Assemblyman John Wisniewski visits Meet the Press to discuss the bridge scandal plaguing Chris Christie's administration


Giuliani: Christie Investigation a 'Partisan Witchhunt'

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani defends N.J. Gov. Chris Christie from remarks made earlier on the show by state Assemblyman John Wisniewski.


Christie Embarks on Florida Fundraiser Fling

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports from Palm Beach, Fla., where N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is currently campaigning for Florida Gov. Rick Scott and rubbing elbows with major donors.

17 Christie Allies Ordered to Turn Over Bridge Documents

The governor’s chief of staff and top legal counsel are among those getting subpoenas.

Kelly O'Donnell: Subpoenas Coming in New Jersey Bridge Scandal

Christie to Sandy Victims: 'Nothing Will Distract Me'

A special committee investigating the George Washington Bridge fiasco gets to work.


Chuck Todd: Poll Reveals Christie's Big Problem

NBC News' Chuck Todd reports new poll results showing a mixed bag for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Poll: Christie Cruising Through Bridge Scandal (So Far)

Nearly 70 percent of Americans say the bridge-closure scandal engulfing Chris Christie has not changed their opinion about the New Jersey governor, according to a new NBC News/Marist poll.

Jersey Strong? Christie Rating Dips to 55 Percent

In the aftermath of the 'Bridgegate' scandal, a new poll finds New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with a healthy approval rating among state voters.

Christie Aides Canceled Meetings With Mayor, Docs Show


First Read Minute: Christie Approval Strong, But Vulnerable

NBC's Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro dissect Chris Christie's approval ratings in the aftermath of the bridge scandal in New Jersey

Christie: 'Last Week Has Certainly Tested This Administration'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie used his state of the state address on Tuesday to seize attention back from a scandal that has engulfed his administration and presidential ambitions.


Christie: 'Mistakes Were Clearly Made,' Administration 'Tested'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the George Washington Bridge controversy during his “State of the State” speech Tuesday in Trenton.


Chuck Todd: Christie Address Apex of 'Political Theater'

NBC News' Chuck Todd looks ahead to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's "State of the State" address Tuesday and whether Christie will mention the bridge scandal or choose to ignore it.


O'Donnell: Christie to Stress Accomplishments

NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell looks ahead to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “State of the State” address as the state of his political career is up in the air amid the George Washington Bridge controversy.

First Thoughts: Changing the Subject

For the second time in the past week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie today will deliver much-anticipated remarks in Trenton -- this time in his “State of the State” address at 3:00 pm ET. And the question is how much, if anything, he says about the George Washington Bridge scandal that has engulfed his administration.

Scandal-Plagued Chris Christie Pushes Longer School Day

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is to use his State of the State address Tuesday to propose lengthening the school day and calendar.

Jon Stewart Says He's 'Ashamed' of Jersey

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart was raised in New Jersey, and you better believe he has a lot to say about Gov. Chris Christie.


O'Donnell: Super-Committee Forming in Bridge Scandal

NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell reports that a bipartisan committee will be formed in order to look into the closing of access lanes o the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, N.J.

Christie's Numbers Mostly Stable in Scandal's Aftermath

Opinions of Chris Christie haven’t changed much in the days since the emergence of a bridge lanes-closing controversy involving the New Jersey governor, according to new polling out Monday.


Chuck Todd: More Bad PR For Christie

NBC News' Chuck Todd explains why the bridge scandal will not be going away anytime soon for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Bridge-Scandal Story Has Only Just Begun

For New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, all the news and scrutiny he received last week wasn’t the beginning of the end of this George Washington Bridge scandal.