A mudslide hit Oso, Washington on March 22, 2014, devastating a small, remote community. NBC News covers the victims, first responders and others who have been personally affected by the tragedy, as well as the science behind the slide.


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Anonymous Donor Pays Oso Mudslide Victim's Mortgage Anonymous Donor Pays Oso Mudslide Victim's Mortgage Anonymous Donor Pays Oso Mudslide Victim's Mortgage Anonymous Donor Pays Oso Mudslide Victim's Mortgage

Anonymous Donor Pays Oso Mudslide Victim's Mortgage

Oso Mudslide: Residents Remember Tragedy One Year Later

'Moving Forward': The Deadly Oso Mudslide, One Year Later

Duke Suddarth, Infant Boy Who Survived Oso Mudslide, Defies the Odds

Infant Boy Who Survived Oso Mudslide Defies the Odds

Oso Mudslide: Lawsuit Blames State, Logging Company for Deadly Disaster

Mudslide-Ravaged Highway in Oso Reopens After Six Months

Last Body in Oso, Washington, Mudslide Reported Found

Washington Mudslide Families File Wrongful Death, Damage Claims

Body Found at Scene of Devastating Washington Mudslide


Washington Mudslide Workers Walk Off Job


After Deadly Mudslide, Town Holds Senior Prom

Dozens of Washington Schools at High Risk of Landslide: State

Officials End Active Search at Washington Landslide With 2 Still Missing

County Officials in Washington Landslide Area to Consider Building Ban


Obama Visits Grieving Oso Community After Mudslide

Obama Praises Town's Strength Following Deadly Mudslide

Washington Mudslide Death Toll Up to 41

Washington Mudslide: Thirty-Nine Victims Now Identified

Washington Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 39

Washington Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 37

Isolated Town Still Waits for Slide-Wrecked Road to Open

Four More Mudslide Victims Identified, Seven Remain Missing


Mudslide Survivor Speaks Out: 'I Was Not Letting That Baby Go'

Washington Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 36, 32 Identified

Mother Who Survived Washington Mudslide Describes Harrowing Ordeal


Mudslide Survivor: 'Houses Were Exploding'

60 Seconds of Terror: Animation Shows Deadly Mudslide's Surge


Animation Shows Oso Landslide as it Happened

White House Says Obama Will Visit Town Wrecked by Mudslide

Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Climbs to 35, 31 Identified

Navy Chief Latest Fatality ID'd in Washington Mudslide


How Washington Mudslide Catastrophe Could Have Been Prevented

'God Has Not Forgotten Us': Slide Victims' Services Begin

Fire Chief Opens Door on Mudslide's Emotional Trauma

Number of People Missing in Landslide Falls Again

Mudslide Survivors Stunned at Damage: Should They Have Been Warned?


Oso: Helping The Horses Left Behind

Reports Recommended Moving Homes From Washington Landslide Area

Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Rises to 30

'Almost Nonexistent' Chance of Washington Mudslide Survivors

Seattle's Sports Teams Go to Bat for Washington Mudslide Victims

'Really Cut Off': Mudslide Neighbors Struggle With Highway Closure

Washington Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 29

Funeral Home Near Washington Mudslide Copes with Burying More Dead

A Snapshot of How Those Killed In Mudslide Lived

Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 28


Mudslide Recovery Is Slow, Heartbreaking Work


New Satellite Image Shows Vast Reach of Oso Mudslide


Miguel Almaguer Journeys to Edge of Mudslide Debris

Mudslide Claimed Three Generations of One Family

Death Toll Climbs to 27 in Washington Mudslide

Washington Mudslide Kin Need Help to Pay for Funerals: Governor

22 Identified as Missing After Washington Mudslide


Mudslide Death Toll Continues to Rise

Mudslide Work Takes Toll on Medical Examiner's Office

Crews Unable to Remove Mud from Slide Site

Weather Conditions Improve for Mudslide Search, but Contaminants Remain

Death Toll From Washington Mudslide Rises to At Least 21

Churchgoers Pray for Mudslide Victims as Death Toll Climbs

Death Toll Rises in Washington Mudslide

Small-Town Washington Mayor Finds New Role After Mudslide

Limits to Development: When Should You Avoid Building at All Costs?

Number of Missing in Mudslide Drops Sharply as Death Toll Rises

Rain and Chemical Contamination Hinder Mudslide Search Efforts

Small but Resilient Oso Will Rebuild After Mudslide, Residents Say

Lives Lost: Eight Victims Identified in Washington Mudslide

'Very, Very Difficult' ID Process Slows News for Families


'Soup Ladies' Cook Up Comfort for Landslide Search Crews


Mudslide Death Toll Rises

Mudslide Relief Donations Top $1.5 Million

Double-Barreled Blow: How the Oso Mudslide Went Down

Washington Mudslide: Learn How to Help


Muddy Search Dog Rests After Hard Day's Work in Oso Recovery Effort


Officials Detail Mudslide Victim Reporting Process

Colorado Sending National Guard to Join Mudslide Search


Identification of Mudslide Victims Moves Slowly

What Started the Mudslide? Satellite Image May Offer New Clues


Rescuers Keep Searching Despite Overwhelming Obstacles

Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Expected to Soar

Vietnam Vet William Welsh Is Confirmed as Latest Mudslide Victim

Mudslide Victim Wanted Right to Live Anywhere He Wanted

Official Washington Mudslide Death Toll Rises to 17

More Heavy Equipment Works Slide Site, But Dead, Missing Unchanged


Mudslide Death Toll to Rise 'Substantially,' Officials Say

Spouses, Children, Nature Lovers: Who Are the Mudslide's Missing?

Baby Sanoah's Body Found in Mudslide Wreckage

Mudslide Search Team Shares Heartbreaking Stories

Family Who Once Escaped Fire is 'Grateful' After Surviving Mudslide


Washington Mudslide Nearly Kills Kids at Slumber Party


Webcast: Washington Mudslide Questions Replay


Hots: If We Find One More Person Alive, It's Worth It


Fire Chief Shares Story of 'Compassion and Dignity'

Fire Chief's Heart Tells Him There Could Be Mudslide Survivors

Governor Says Town Near Washington Mudslide Is 'a Family'

#AskNBCNews: Your Washington Mudslide Questions Answered


Dayn Brunner On Recovering Sister From Mudslide

'A Sense of Relief': Body of Mudslide Victim Summer Raffo Found


New Photos Show Different Angles on Mudslide Destruction

Mudslide Missing: One Nature Lover's Heaven Became Hell

First Washington Mudslide Fatality Is Formally Identified