Complete and breaking coverage of the destructive weather hammering states from Iowa to the Carolinas, decimating homes, towns and families.


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400 Miles of Wyoming Highway Shut Down After Spring Snow Storm 400 Miles of Wyoming Highway Shut Down After Spring Snow Storm 400 Miles of Wyoming Highway Shut Down After Spring Snow Storm 400 Miles of Wyoming Highway Shut Down After Spring Snow Storm

Spring Snowstorm Shuts Down 400 Miles of Highway

Twister Tears Through Missouri Twister Tears Through Missouri Twister Tears Through Missouri

'Holy Cow!': Twister Rips Off Roofs in Missouri

Caught on Tape: Tornado Destroys Mississippi Church Caught on Tape: Tornado Destroys Mississippi Church Caught on Tape: Tornado Destroys Mississippi Church

New Video Shows Tornado Ravaging Playground

President Obama Tours Tornado-Ravaged Arkansas, Pledges Support


Obama to Tornado Victims: You Are Not Alone

Hero Alabama Swimmer John Servati, Killed in Storms, Honored at Funeral

President Obama Plans Arkansas Visit in Wake of Tornado Devastation

Escambia County Jail in Pensacola, Florida, Hit by Deadly Blast

Northeast Super Soaker Is Monster Storm's Last Act

Worst of Tornado Season Is Only Half Over

Dams Gates Open in Laurel, Maryland, Sending Hundreds Fleeing


High Water and High Drama in Florida Panhandle

Storm of the Year: Four Ferocious Days, 38 Lives Lost


Debris Fires Clear Away Destroyed Homes in Vilonia

Arkansas Cattle Farmer Works to Rebuild Shattered Family Business

Tornado Alley Hospital Recovers from Chaotic Day


In the Pit: Collapsed Pensacola Highway Viewed From Below


Survivors Make Do with Belongings Spared by Tornado

'Life-Threatening' Flooding Submerges Pensacola, Florida


Waterlogged: Monster Storm System Floods Florida


Trucks Plummet 40 Feet When Florida Scenic Highway Collapses


Tornado's Wrath: Trees Uprooted and Tossed Like Matchsticks

South Carolina, Virginia Face High Tornado Risk: Forecaster

Monster Storm Again Menaces South With Twisters, Floods

Manager of Veteran's Home Brings Ex-Soldiers to Safety in Storm


Tornado Survivors Recount Storm's Terrifying Moments


Tupelo Takes Direct Punch From Tornado


Dog Believed Lost in Deadly Arkansas Tornado Returns Home


Alabama Man: Tornado Wreckage Makes Your Stomach Drop


Tornado Survivor: 'We Had No Idea It Was This Serious'

Alabama, Mississippi Brace for 2nd Hit as Tornado Toll Reaches 34

Video Shows 360 Degrees of Tornado Devastation on Arkansas Street

Tornado Victims Were Dads and Daughters, Brothers and Sons


Storm Chaser Provides Close Look at Miss. Tornado


Aerial Tour of Mississippi Tornado Aftermath

Tornado Survivor in Mayflower, Ark., Describes Terror

Tupelo Tornado: 'A Miracle' That More Didn't Die, Mayor Says

Tornado Hits Fire Station, School in Kimberly, Alabama


Elderly Couple Happy to Survive Tornado 'Without a Scratch'

Severe Storms: Rain to 'Super Soak' Millions Across South, D.C. Area

'Total Devastation' as Deadly Twisters Hit Lincoln County, Tennessee


What It's Like to Drive Into a Tornado

Rescuers Can't Reach Tornado Victims in DeKalb County, Alabama

Tornado Causes 'Major Structural Damage' in Bessemer, Alabama

Four Things That Turn America into the 'Tornado Super Bowl'

University of Alabama Student Takes 'Tornado Selfie'

At Least 50 Tornadoes Reported in Just 24 Hours Across Southeast

Al Roker in Tornado Zone: 'Evacuated to Hotel Ballroom'

Tornado Alerts Until 7 A.M. ET: Tennessee, Carolinas, Georgia

Second Wave of Deadly Tornadoes Unloads on South


Woman Finds Dog Alive in Home Destroyed by Twister

Pastor in Arkansas Town Hit by Twisters: 'We Don't Understand Why'

Tornado Aftermath: Survivors Horrified by Damage, Grateful for Lives

Why It's Hard to Outsmart a Tornado (and How Scientists Are Trying)


'Very Volatile' Storm System Sweeps Across South


Arkansas Tornado Victims Come Together During Crisis

Ferocious Tornadoes Leave 16 Dead Across Three States


Aerials Show Tornado Devastation in Oklahoma


Before and After: Tornado Tears Through Oklahoma Town

Satellite Video Captures the Birth of Those Killer Tornadoes


Tornadoes Rip Through Plains

Twister Outbreak Unusual? No, Just Seems That Way


Tornado Takes Deadly Turn in Quapaw, Oklahoma


Tornado Leaves Widespread Damage in Vilonia, Arkansas

Tornado Damage Reveals Power of Deadly Twister


Tornadoes Leave 100-Mile Long Path of Destruction in Arkansas


Watch Tornado Rip Through Missouri

At Least 16 Dead as Tornadoes Hit Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa


Officials Hold Tornado News Conference

Vilonia, Ark., Looks 'Like It Has Been Hit With an Atomic Bomb'


Tornado Tangles RVs and Highway Billboard


Tornado Storm System Captured by Weather Satellites

Tornado Hits Vilonia, Arkansas, for 2nd Time in Just Three Years

Survivors of Tornado in Mayflower, Arkansas, Recount Ordeal


Residents Tour Remains of Tornado-Devastated Town

'Things Aren't Looking So Good' in Tornado-Hit Mayflower, Ark.

Photos Show Tornado Devastation Across Plains, Central U.S.

14 Killed by Tornadoes in Arkansas, Oklahoma


Aerial View of Tornado-Ravaged Town

Quarter-Sized Hail Batters Texas

Two Killed by Tornado in Quapaw, Oklahoma


Volatile Storm Works Its Way From South to East


Get the Week's Severe Storm Forecast


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